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A Black Repertoire against the Two Knights

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato Mars 2014
Pris 340 NOK
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Ute etter noe superskarpt? Se her: Mot 1 e4 e5 2 Sf3 Sc6 3 Lc4 Sf6 4 Sg5 er den gamle Traxler-varianten 4... Lc5!!? egnet til å forvirre de fleste, med enorme gevinstmuligheter! Den er vel såvidt spillbar også HVIS hvit er godt forberedt.

5 timer 40 minutters DVD der det som kjent blir rimelig varmt rundt ørene til hvits konge etter 5 Sxf7 Lxf2+! ...


With the Traxler Variation (4.Ng5 Bc5!?) spearheading their repertoire, any player should look forward to fighting for the initiative against the Two Knights with Black. Its slightly dubious reputation shouldn’t put you off from buying this DVD - as the author clearly demonstrates - a great deal of spectacular resources for Black are on show, supported by original analysis. Exponents of the Traxler variation in tournament practice include Shirov and Beliavsky, with the latter having used it to defeat Anand (!) at Linares 1991. White can hope for an advantage in but a small number of lines, and e ven then there is still enough counterplay for Black to give his opponent a hard time. What is more, the DVD includes a host of ideas for actively meeting 4.d3 and 4.d4 as well, so that after studying the material you basically have a complete repertoire against the Italian Game. An unprepared opponent could easily fall victim to Black’s wealth of tactical possibilities, potentially making this repertoire an ideal weapon for playing for a win with Black!

• Video running time: 5 hours 40 min (English) • With interactive training including video feedback • Exclusive database with with 50 essential games • Including CB 12 – Reader

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Type DVD
Språk Engelsk
Spilletid 05:40