Sjakk-bøker Åpningsbøker Generelt Oppslagsverk (alle åpninger)

Chess Opening Essentials 1 - 4 (komplett)

Nivå B-C
Utgivelsesdato Mars 2010
Pris 970 NOK
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En samlet tilbudspakke av disse fire velredigerte, forklarende bøkene om sjakkåpninger. Spesielt egnet som "instruktivt oppslagsverk" for spillere med ratingstyrke omlag 800 - 1600. Enkeltvis koster bøkene til sammen kr 1090.

Et praktisk og flott bokverk som gir deg oversikt over åpningsspillet med ideene og planene i stedet for store trær av lange varianter.

Bok 1 handler om åpningene med 1 e4, bok 2 om 1 d4 d5, bok 3 om 1 d4 og andre svar enn 1... d5 og bok 4 om åpninger med alle andre førstetrekk enn 1 e4 og d4.

Schakers.Info: "I don't think something like 'Chess Opening Essentials', in this size, yet exists. For players with a rating up to 1900 this book covers a large part of the road."

British Chess Magazine: "It gives an outline of each opening and major variation in turn, explaining the ideas and most popular choices for the benefit of elementary players. The reviewer was impressed by the practical advice given in the notes in this well-produced volume."

Joe Petrolito, Australian Chess Magazine: "Both volumes [2 and 3] succeed brilliantly."

Nederlands Dagblad: "It is about the basics of the opening, about ensuing middlegame positions, and about the plans one should pursue. Ideal for the club player who wishes to improve."

FreeChess: "All systems are clearly listed and presented, without losing itself in endless variations."

GM Paul Motwani, The Scotsman: "Full of great ideas, clear explanations and instructive games."

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe: "For players rated up to 1800 it will undoubtedly be quite useful."

Erik Rausch, Rochade Europa Magazine: "you will be surprised: colour! Compared with this, books from Everyman, Gambit or Olms look like black-and-white television (..) Not only is the main line explained and the reader made hungry for more, but he gets enough strategic knowledge and insider-tips to get, even if he plays the opening for the first time, into the middlegame safely."

Gary Lane, Australasian Chess Magazine: "I like the way it handles information for club players."

Arne Moll, ChessVibes: "The key positions of each opening are diplayed in red (yes, red) diagrams. The name(s) of the inventors are in bold, red font, and references to other sources or sections of the book are also in red .. very useful for finding my way around the book."

Pekka Pakarinen, Suomen Shakki Magazine (Finland): "A patzer like me, let alone someone with an Elo under 1700, should not buy a complex monography (..) before getting this instructive opening book."

Produktet er en del av serien Chess Opening Essentials

En ny og vellykket serie av fire bøker som viser og forklarer hovedideene i alle sjakkåpninger for amatører og relativt ferske spiller

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