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Endgames of the World Champions Vol. 2 From Steinitz to Spassky

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Utgivelsesdato Juni 2019
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Hele 13 timers flott gjennomgang av sluttspill med alle verdensmesterne fra Steinitz til og med Spasskij. Dette er i hovedsak stoffet fra DVD-serien MasterClass med disse store spillerne, og altså presentert av selve sluttspill-stormesteren Karsten Müller.

ChessBase sin egen omtale:

All world champions left their mark on chess. They had different styles but each and every one of them played the endgame exceptionally well. The material on this DVD is based on the ChessBase MasterClass series, and gives you a good opportunity to enjoy some of the best endgames in the history of chess.

Enjoy Capablanca’s fine technique, Tal’s magic, Lasker’s fighting spirit, Petrosian’s defensive skills, Smyslov’s feeling for harmony, and Alekhine’s and Spassky’s flair for the attack. Learn from the theoretical-scientific approach of Botvinnik, Euwe and Steinitz.

The first World Champion in fact also laid the foundations of positional chess theory. He, for example, was the first to show how to restrict bishop and knight with the pair of bishops, a method that still is exemplary today. His successors built on his theories and everyone of them contributed to the theory of the endgame. Take a trip back in time to the old days when games were still adjourned and the whole world followed endgame analyses feverishly.

• Video running time: 13 hours (English) • Interactive training including video feedback • Extra: Morphy’s endgames • Including CB 15 Reader

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