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The Chess GPS, Improvement

Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2017
Pris 235 NOK
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En spennende og litt mystisk ny bok som innleder en serie fra to ukrainske sjakkmestere og trenere bosatt i USA. Ambisjonen er ikke mindre enn en fornyelse av Steinitz sine posisjonelle lover. Innholdet er svært instruktive partier godt kommentert.

Dette er ikke en direkte lærebok i strategi, men snarere leksjoner i ulike strategiske temaer som ønsker å gi nye impulser til spillere på et visst nivå, som vi mener vil være mest fra ratingstyrke cirka 1500 og oppover.

Forlagets omtale:

This first book in the "Chess GPS"series aims to introduce a new concept in the search for positional advantage and is aimed towards modernizing Steinitz's theory. In addition to continuous accumulation of small advantages, one should focus his knowledge, talents, life experience, inspiration and fantasy on continuous improvement of his position.

Improvement is a universal concept and can be applied towards every position and not just to the ones where there is a clear path to obtaining advantage. You can unblock any obstacles towards realizing your chess personality by taking full personal responsibility for every move. This strategy will move you towards achieving your chess goals. The books in the "Chess GPS" series are designed for more effective focusing the player's energy and creative skills in the right direction.

"The Chess GPS - Improvement" is composed of learning examples of how such a concept was realized by grandmasters in modern chess practice. This book should help you find your chess individuality, as well as present you with other tools to help improve your game.

Kapitlene i boka har tildels morsomme navn:

  • 1: Improvement vs. Freestyle
  • 2: Lev Psakhis "Thread" Strategy Throughout All Phases of the Game
  • 3: Attacking is a Risky Business!
  • 4: A Pauper is Not Scared of a Fire, or Who is Who
  • 5: Long song about "a Pair of Elephants"
  • 6: A Sailor's Knot, Courtesy of Capablanca
  • 7: Do Not Retreat, or Poor Manners
  • 8: Lessons taught by "the Real World Champion" to the FIDE World Champion
  • 9: Flying Chips Over a Garbage, or a Happy Camel
  • 10: The clinch of "c4-d5" vs. "c5-d6"
  • 11: The Open File, To Use or Not to Use?
  • 12: A cold press after Ne5

Om stormester Sam Palatnik:

Grandmaster from 1978
Famous, world-known chess teacher
Senior Trainer FIDE 2009
Coach of medal - winning Olympic teams
US Chess Teams Coach-1999/2009
Coach of several national scholastic Champions- 1996/2010
Author of numerous chess bestsellers
Twice Junior Chess World Champion
Twice European and Soviet Union Champion
Winner of many famous games, including victories over 80 GMs
Winner of World Open-91
Winner of many international tournaments
Holder of the "Ambassador of Chess" award, presented by USCF - 2017
Coach, teacher of dozen famous GMs
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