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Amos Burn A Chess Biography - volume 1 & 2

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2004
Pris 420 NOK
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Richard Forsters storverk om den gamle mesteren Amos Burn (1848-1925) er 972 sider fordelt på to bind i stor paperback-utgave, til en svært gunstig pris. Utrolig innholdsrikt og alltid glimrende utført av Forster.

I tillegg til å være historien om sjakkmesteren og angrepsspilleren Amos Burn gir framstillingen mange gode tidsbilder av sjakkmiljøet over en lengre epoke.

En presentasjon fra forlaget

984 pages (8.5 x 11 inches) of pure chess history, with almost 800 annotated games, 209 photographs and illustrations and 6 indexes. A biography and comprehensive games collection of one of the strongest chess-players of his time, who met such immortal figures as Steinitz (Burn was, in fact, his first and most prominent pupil), Blackburne, Zukertort, Lasker, Marshall, Capablanca and Alekhine.

The book presents:

All known games by Amos Burn, almost half of which have not previously appeared in any book or database
Thorough annotations by Burn's famous contemporaries (Staunton, Steinitz, Lasker, Tarrasch etc.) and Burn himself, as well as much fresh analysis by the author
Detailed tables and reports for all events in which Burn participated
An abundance of background material from both the international and the local chess press
A rich account of Burn's career, with many unusual turns, from his spectacular initial appearance at the 1870 British championship to his participation for the fourth time in a German congress (Breslau, 1912), including such timeless events as New York 1889, Hastings 1895, Vienna 1898, Paris 1900, Ostend 1905, 1906, 1907, St. Petersburg 1909 and San Sebastián 1911
Deep coverage of all aspects of 19th century chess life, at both international and club levels, with a detailed presentation of chess life in Liverpool and London
Comprehensive source indications and bibliography
Illustrations of Burn and most of his opponents
and much more.
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