Sjakk-bøker Taktikk, kombinasjoner og angrep Variantregning (calculation)

Calculation! 1

Grandmaster Training Camp
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato Februar 2023
Pris 325 NOK
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En allsidig, spennende, velskrevet og ganske krevende treningsbok av den sterke amerikanske stormesteren Sam Shankland. Skikkelig materiale for ambisiøse spillere med ratingstyrke fra ca 17-1800 og opp til eliten.

Fra forordet

For my entire adult life, I have been both a professional chess player and a professional chess trainer. I have always had clear priorities, and my main ambitions lie behind the board. Playing comes first, training others comes second. In my early twenties, my main activity on training others was with helping private students. Every now and then, I would write a short article or record a brief video. But everything changed in late 2017, when I wrote my first book, Small Steps to Giant Improvement.

This book took me about six weeks to complete. That was all I did in this time, and I logged many hours every day. I did not keep a precise count of how the hours were proportionally spent. But I would estimate that it was about 90% on researching the topic of pawn play, looking for examples and trying to properly understand them; 10% on writing. I chose the topic because it was something I wanted to study. Most of the work I did towards completing the book was improving my understanding of chess. It did not feel like I was writing a book; rather, it felt like I was doing my normal training and inviting my readers to come along for the ride.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but right after doing my work on Small Steps to Giant Improvement, I experienced the biggest breakthrough of my adult life. In early 2018, I won the US Championship ahead of three top-ten players and followed it up with wins at the Capablanca Memorial and American Continental. I shot to 2730 and finally reached Super-GM status, after being stuck in the mid-high 2600s for the previous five years. Furthermore, I was seeing many themes that I had written about showing up in my tournament practice. I was handling the positions much better than I used to.

Ever since then, I have focused a lot on creating content. I wrote a follow-up book for Quality Chess on mastering passed pawn play, Small Steps 2 Success. I also published a full opening repertoire series on Chessable. Every single word I have written for both publishers has been done with the same stated goal in mind: to make myself a better player. Successful books that help supplement my income and help others improve their chess is just icing on the cake

Forlagets egen omtale

Grandmaster Training Camp 1 – Calculation! offers you a unique chance to participate in a training camp with Super-GM Sam Shankland , as he works through 300 problems set to him by his long-time trainer. Sam shares what he saw, what he did not see, and what he thinks about the problems and the skills needed to solve them.

This book version of Shankland's Chessable course has been extensively edited and reorganized by Quality Chess. The book is divided into six topics: Tactics, Candidates, Combinations, Endgames, Defense and Deep Calculation. The material is at the same time both accessible to club players and challenging to grandmasters. Take the chance to compare yourself with one of the strongest Grandmasters in the world!

GM Sam Shankland is the 2018 US Champion, 2016 Olympiad gold medal winner for teams and 2014 individual gold medal winner. He has played Board 1 for the US in the World Team Championship and competed with the best players in the world in Wijk aan Zee, St. Louis, Prague and elsewhere. His latest great result was reaching the Quarter-final of the 2021 World Cup.



005 Preface
007 Introduction
013 Chapter 1) Tactics
025 Chapter 2) Candidates
037 Chapter 3) Combinations
049 Chapter 4) Endgames
061 Chapter 5) Defense
073 Chapter 6) Deep Calculation
085 Chapter 7) Solutions
086 to Chapter 1 – Tactics
128 to Chapter 2 – Candidates
168 to Chapter 3 – Combinations
204 to Chapter 4 – Endgames
248 to Chapter 5 – Defense
343 to Chapter 6 – Deep Calculation
Chapter 8 – Conclusion
354 Name Index

Om forfatteren Sam Shankland

Sam Shankland er en ung amerikansk stormester som har klatret opp mot verdenseliten. Han gjorde seg sterkt bemerket med individuell gullmedalje i sjakk-OL i Tromsø 2014 og bidro til at USA vant laggull i OL 2016. I 2015 og 2017 spilte han på førstebord for USA i VM for landslag.
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