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Chess Bootcamp Beyond the Basics

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Utgivelsesdato Mai 2022
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Læring og trening for ganske ferske spillere med rating opp til 13-1400, og også noe stoff aktuelt opp til 16-1700. Derunder et åpningsrepertoar med Göringgambit 1 e4 e5 2 Sf3 Sc6 3 d4 exd4 4 c3, og Morragambit 1 e4 c5 2 d4.

Boka har mange nyttige og viktige stillinger med ganske få brikker. En del av stoffet i boka kan blant annet egne seg som stoff å bruke for instruktører og trenere til elever opp til ratingnivå cirka 1600.

Forlagets egen omtale:

Benjamin Katz is a renowned chess coach with over 20 years experience coaching students of all ability levels throughout the United States. He has helped numerous students improve and achieve chess success.

This book details the training program he has developed based on this extensive experience. It cultivates the core skill set required to advance beyond the basics in chess. Included are key strategies, basic endgame positions and techniques, information on what to do when you’re stuck, how to convert an advantage, and a high-level opening repertoire for both black and white.

There are also numerous practical exercises that utilize a combination of recent examples from the games of Benjamin's students, as well as games played by the top players in the world, both contemporary and from the game's history.

Benjamin Katz is a National Chess Master and the co-founder of Growing Minds Chess Academy, a progressive chess instruction company in New York City that incorporates the latest in modern educational theory with tried and trusted approaches to chess learning.

Fra forordet:

The ten chapters of this book contain what I have learned both as a student and as a coach – as a private coach and also a coach of one of the top chess teams in the United States. Many of these concepts were taught to me with such clarity by my former coaches that they have become a part of my own methodology. One of the first lessons my coaches passed on to me is the understanding that not every student is the same.

What works for one student will not necessarily work for another. I have tried to distill what I have seen work for every student, the core knowledge that everyone needs to improve. I have tried to keep the examples fresh, and most of them are from my students’ own games that have not been published anywhere else. I have also incorporated examples from the games played by top players in the world, including those of the current world champion Magnus Carlsen, as these concepts are also omnipresent throughout their games.


005 Foreword

007 Introduction

010 1) Four Fundamental Endgame Themes

054 2) Basic Tactics

103 3) Blunders

125 4) How to Win in the Endgame When You’re Up Material

148 5) Defense

176 6) Chess Strategy Fundamentals: Pawn Structures

195 7) Fun Chess

223 8) Middlegame Strategy

255 9) An Opening Repertoire for White

310 10) An Opening Repertoire for Black

346 Solutions

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