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Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners

Nivå B-C
Utgivelsesdato November 2018
Pris 250 NOK
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En spennende bok for klubbspillere, men IKKE "for begynnere"! Boka viser mange grunnleggende mønstergjenkjennelser i stormesterpartier, uten så grundige forklaringer. Godt stoff for spillere med ratingstyrke cirka 1000 - 2000.

Forlagets omtale:

Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess improvement. It helps you to quickly grasp the essence of a position on the board and find the most promising continuation.

In his instant classics Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition (2014) and Train Your Chess Pattern Recognition (2016) International Master Arthur van de Oudeweetering presented building blocks for experienced club players which often involved notable exceptions to a set of fundamental guidelines. To appreciate these books you had to know these basic principles.

Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners provides this knowledge. It teaches the most important patterns you need to know in order to develop and mobilize your pieces, manoeuvre your pawns into positions of strength, put pressure on your opponent, attack the enemy king, and execute standard sacrifices to get the initiative.

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