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ChessBase Magazine 195, May/June 2020

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Utgivelsesdato Mai 2020
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Det alltid innholdsrike og velredigerte DVD-magasinet fra ChessBase, med en nyttig oversikt over stoffet i heftet som følger med. Blant mye annet partier kommentert av Giri, Duda, Firouzja, Harikrishna, Vidit, Vitiugov osv.

Og ikke minst god sjakktrening i alle spillets faser, for spillere fra alminnelig klubbnivå og oppover, og åpningsartiker med forslag og tips om nye spennende trekk.

ChessBase sin egen omtale:

ChessBase Magazine is the most comprehensive and most sophisticated chess magazine there is. World class players analyze their brilliancies and explain the ideas behind the moves to you, opening specialists present the latest trends in opening theory and offer exciting ideas for your repertoire. Master trainers in the fields of tactics, strategy, and the endgame show you the tricks and techniques a successful tournament player needs! DVD with several hours of video + booklet.

Highlights of this issue

A creative draw: Anish Giri annotates his game vs. Grischuk from the candidates tournament

Beating the world champion: Grand Prix winner Nana Dzagnidze shows how she turned the tables against Ju Wenjun

Incredible counter: Viktor Moskalenko goes for …h6/…g5!? in the Classical French

A modern Nimzo-Indian: Alexey Kuzmin investigates the sharp 4.f3 c5 5.d5

"Very interesting from start to finish": Alireza Firouzja analyses his triumph over Jan Krzysztof Duda from Prague

“Maximum effect”: Play like MVL and make best use of your pieces: “Move by Move” with Simon Williams

Top players annotate their games: Giri, Duda, Firouzja, Harikrishna, Navara, Vidit, Vitiugov, Muzychuk, Ju Wenjun, Dzagnidze, Goryachkina et al.

With major pieces and different coloured bishops: Attacking in the middlegame - Mihail Marin shows you the way!

Black wants the bishops: Evgeny Postny tackles the Ruy Lopez with 5…Nxe4 6.d4 Be7!?

Final finesse: In Oliver Reeh's interactive tactics video, "The innocent h-pawn" proves to make all the difference

The Slav under pressure: Jan Werle shows what fascinates him about the rediscovered line 4.e3 Bg4 5.Qb3 Qb6 6.Ne5 (video)

Finale furioso: Welcome to the Two Knights Party! Renato Quintiliano makes the pieces dance again (Part III)

Drawn? No way!: Karsten Müller dissects recent rook and double rook endings

Pirc power unleashed!: Yago Santiago likes 4.f3 Bg7 5.Be3 c6 6.Qd2 b5!?

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