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Corr Database 2020

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Den eksklusive databasen med over 1,6 millioner fjernsjakkpartier som gjennomgående ikke finnes i de andre basene. Her er masse ganske ukjent sjakk på høyt nivå, som både stormestere og bokforfattere har oppdaget. Nytt er ellers 10 førsteklasses åpningsvideoer med Pelletier, Marin, Williams osv.

ChessBase sin egen omtale

The new Corr Database 2020 is a large ChessBase collection of correspondence games from the period from 1804 to 2019. With more than 80,000 tournaments and over 1.6 million correspondence games, the Corr 2020 is a must for all correspondence chess fans. But the Corr Database is very popular even among grandmasters and trainers, since correspondence games are often the forerunners of development of opening theory!

Correspondence games are usually very good – after all, the players can consult computers and engines during the game and correspondence players often have a deep chess understanding and enrich their games with interesting new ideas. Thus, the games are not decided by tactical blunders but by strategic understanding, long-term preparation, and passionate, patient scientific work. It is no surprise that a lot of grandmasters already use correspondence games to prepare their openings. The Correspondence Database 2020 gives you a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of correspondence chess and to enrich your opening repertoire with ideas from a wealth of unknown top-class games.

New features of the Correspondence Database 2020:

  • The Correspondence Database enhances usability: a new design and a new menu make access and navigation easier and faster. The Correspondence Database comes with 10 high-class opening videos from popular ChessBase authors: Simon Williams, Yannick Pelletier, Mihail Marin, Erwin l’Ami, Vidit Gujarathi, Georgios Souleidis, and others.
  • 4 videos by endgame expert GM Karsten Müller provide fascinating insights into the endgame.
  • The Correspondence Database 2020 offers about 140,000 new games. The Corr 2018 had about 1,431,000 games, Corr 2020 has approximately 1,570,000.
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