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Countering the Queen's Gambit

Nivå B-C
Utgivelsesdato Mars 2022
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En pedagogisk åpningsbok for svart med klassisk dronninggambit mot 1 d4 og dekker også kort og konsist spill mot andre førstetrekk fra hvit, unntatt 1 e4. Forfatteren er en anerkjent tysk sjakktrener.

Vi tenker atboka egner seg godt for spillere allerede fra ratingnivå cirka 1100 og mest naturlig opp til cirka 2100-2200.

Forlagets egen omtale:

The Queen’s Gambit is easily the most talked-about chess opening since the immensely popular Netflix TV series of the same name became a hit. The screen adventures of Beth Harmon have inspired thousands to start playing the Royal Game but didn’t offer any information on this highly popular chess opening. This book fills that gap.

German Grandmaster Michael Prusikin presents a solid but dynamic opening repertoire for Black against the Queen’s Gambit. He wants you to understand rather than memorize what is important. His primary focus is on explaining the relevant pawn structures and the middlegame ideas behind the lines he recommends.

Prusikin deals with every single variation of the Queen’s Gambit in a way that is highly accessible for club players but at the same time surprisingly effective and concise: the Catalan, Tartakower, Carlsbad, London, Colle, Veresov, and all the others. As a bonus, the FIDE Senior Trainer also provides responses to openings such as the Bird, Réti, and Nimzo-Larsen. It may seem unlikely, and yet it is true: in less than 200 pages, Countering the Queen’s Gambit has Black covered for really every first move except 1.e4!

*Fra forfatterens forord:

In modern times also, world champions and challengers have both relied on the time-honoured Queen’s Gambit. Magnus Carlsen (against Viswanathan Anand) and Fabiano Caruana (against Magnus Carlsen) defended this opening as Black by declining with 2...e6.The reasons for the eternal popularity of the Queen’s Gambit Declinedlie in the nature of this opening. It offers Black reliability without depriving him of winning chances and relies more on an understanding of the types of positions that arise than on memory.

My decision to write a book about a repertoire against the Queen’s Gambit was not so much due to the continuing high esteem in which this opening is held, nor to the fact that it has served me as a faithful weapon for years. You’ve probably guessed it – it was inspired by the Netflix series of the same name. This series sparked off a genuine and wholly unexpected chess boom around the world, to the extent that chessboards sold out and chess mail-order companies reached their logistical limits. However, the series did not convey any knowledge of the eponymous opening and this gap had to be filled.


009 Part I Typical pawn structures and general ideas

010 Chapter 1) The Carlsbad structure

045 Chapter 2) Tartakower structures

071 Part II Queen’s Gambit Theory

072 Chapter 3) Carlsbad theory

081 Chapter 4) The Harrwitz Attack: 4.Bf4 c5!

085 Chapter 5) The 4.Nf3 variation: 4...a6!?

095 Chapter 6) The Tartakower Variation

110 Chapter 7) The Catalan

127 Part III Completing your repertoire

128 Chapter 8) Queen’s pawn games

159 Chapter 9) Other first moves

187 Part IV Final test

188 Chapter 10) Exercises

194 Chapter 11) Solutions to exercises

209 Index of variations

217 Index of names


Om forfatteren Michael Prusikin

En tysk stormester og FIDE Senior Trainer, som flere ganger er kåret til årets trener i Tyskland.
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