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DGT 2500 digital klokke

Pris 765 NOK
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DGT 2500 er en modernisering av klassikeren DGT 2010, med større display, tydeligere menyvalg og noen forbedringer i forhåndsinnstillingene i menyen. Morgendagens standard i turneringer!

The new official FIDE chess clock

A great new chess clock developed to meet the needs of all players. With 30 years of experience and many years of research DGT made the best even better. The improvements make the DGT2500 the best chess clock available.

Super clear display

With the DGT2500 chess clock, players get all the information they need at a single glance. The customized font and the large screen make it very easy to read the time. This is a great advantage not only for the players, but also for the arbiters and for the audience enjoying a match.

More visible lever

The trademark DGT lever on top clearly indicates whose turn it is. Thanks to the high contrast between the bright red and the white colour, players can more easily see if it is their move.

Optional automatic period transition

The DGT2500 can be set to automatically move to the next period after a set number of moves is made.

User friendly

The intuitive design of the DGT2500 and improved way to select options, makes choosing the ideal set-up easier than ever. With this clock even the most inexperienced player is a few clicks away from the perfect timing option.

Updated timing options list

The 36 pre-programmed and manual settings of the DGT2500 offer a wide variety of options. A new feature introduce in this clock is two different pre-sets for an Armageddon match. It can also be used to play many different games, including Go, Backgammon and Scrabble.

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