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Double Tuition: Tiger on the Modern

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato Juni 2018
Pris 190 NOK
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En hot DVD med spesialiteten Moderne forsvar a la Tiger Hillarp Persson, som gjerne starter 1 e4 g6 2 d4 Lg7 3 Sc3 d6 og 4...a6. Med-stormester og DVD-konge Simon Williams presenterer stoffet sammen med Tiger over 5 1/2 gode timer!

Utgiverens egen omtale:

In 2004, Tiger Hillarp Persson published one of the most influential opening books of our times - Tiger’s Modern. Tiger’s book on his version of the Modern Defence was praised throughout the chess world for providing a complete repertoire for 1…g6 against all opening moves, particularly 1.e4.

For the first time, Tiger has recorded a DVD based on the material presented within that modern classic, with new analysis bringing the viewer up to date with the latest theory. Novice and advanced alike will enjoy this accessible and informative course which provides both an introduction and refresher to the theory developed in the original Tiger’s Modern and beyond.

This 5 1/2 hour video course is presented in a new format, with TWO grandmaster presenters; on hand is Simon Williams (aka Ginger GM) to ask the questions relevant to viewers, with the Swedish Grandmaster here to provide you with all the options and answers that the casual or club player could possibly need.

After completing this video course the viewer will feel confident to play this exciting and flexible opening, that is well suited for players who like living on the creative or adventurous side of the board. It is an honour for Ginger GM to produce and share this work with the world. Contents

*DVD Introduction*

Chapter 1: The Austrian Attack

Austrian Attack - Introduction
1st Example Game Grandelius - Hillarp Persson
Austrian Attack - Sidelines
2nd Example Game Neiksans - Hillarp Person
3rd Example Game Carlsson - Hillarp Persson
Austrian Attack - Conclusion

Chapter 2: The Flexible Dragon

Flexible Dragon - Introduction
1st Example Game Quesada Perez - Hillarp Persson
2nd Example Game Zelbel - Hillarp Persson
Flexible Dragon Restrained - Introduction
3rd Example Game Blomqvist - Hillarp Persson

Chapter 3: The Classical Modern

Classical Modern - Introduction
Example Games Solodnovichenko - Hillarp Persson and Solak - Carlsen

Chapter 4: The Mad Dog 4.Bc4

The Mad Dog with 4.Bc4

Chapter 5: The Hippopotamus

The Hippopotamus and Example Game Byron - Hillarp Persson

Chapter 6: White Plays Bg5

White Plays Bg5 and Example Game Smirin - Hillarp Persson

Chapter 7: White Fianchettos with g3

White Plays g3 and Example Game Cheluskina - Agrest

Chapter 8: White Plays g4

White Plays g4 and Example Game Bosiocic - Maiwald

Chapter 9: The Lazy System with c3

The Lazy System with c3

Chapter 10: The Averbakh System

The Averbakh System and Example Game Rodshtein - Hillarp Persson
DVD Conclusion
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