Forgotten Genius Vol. 1

Dragoljub Velimirovic
Utgivelsesdato Januar 2024
Pris 540 NOK
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"For me, a draw is not a result at all. If the game develops normally, I never think about a draw. I always think about playing to win. I blame all chess players who play chess to make draw and thus degrade this ancient game!"

"I like fast, "rocket" chess and always play to win. It seems to me that chess was invented precisely to have winners and losers. If someone offers me a draw, I take it as an insult."

"I start every game with the firm intention of finishing it with, or on, the shield!"

"One pawn more or less. I have 8 of them, don't I?"

"I am very pleasant to talk to and very unpleasant to play chess with!"



011 Intro
015 My father
019 Birth, war, family
027 1958 - 1960: Drasko introduces himself
039 1961 - 1962: Attack on the giants
059 1963: Injustice No 1
069 1964: The search for contact with the best
077 1965: Second ascent
107 1966: From top to bottom. And on it goes!
125 1967: The beginning of Coaching Career
133 1967 - 1969: Just a Few Tournaments
145 1970: And finally the sun shone
175 1971 - 1973: In the hunt for the top title
241 1974: Olympic debutant
265 1975: Champion!
309 Best Results 1959 - 1975
310 About Georg
312 About Ana
313 Index of OPENINGS
314 Index of PLAYERS
316 Bibliography & Photographs
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Type Bok
Språk Engelsk
Antall sider 325

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