Grind Like a Grandmaster

Utgivelsesdato August 2023
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It is amazing how much play you can create in a seemingly equal chess position - if you persevere. In this book, the greatest chess player of all time, Magnus Carlsen, and his friend, Grandmaster David Howell, explain how to win these kinds of chess games.

Carlsen and Howell show how you can keep a game alive, how you can keep posing problems to your opponent, how you can recognize the first small mistakes, and how you can grind your opponent down until he cracks.

New In Chess has converted this book from a popular Chessable video and MoveTrainer ® course with the help of Carlsen and Howell. The lively conversations of the two friends translate very well into a highly instructive chess manual. It is top-level chess, using grandmaster games as examples, but the insights are accessible to players of all levels.

Magnus Carlsen won the World Chess Championship in 2013 and gave up his title in 2023. He is regarded as the greatest player of all time and holds the #1 spot in the world ranking. He has read dozens of books published by New In Chess, but this is the first book with Carlsen as an author. Carlsen (1990) lives in Oslo, Norway.

David Howell is an elite chess Grandmaster with a 2700+ peak rating and an individual gold medal winner at the Olympiad. He is a well-known and popular commentator on live chess streams. Howell (1990) is two weeks older than Carlsen, was born in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, and lives in Oslo, Norway.



007 Preface David Howell
009 Preface Magnus Carlsen
010 What is a Grind?
011 The Grind in action
015 Glossary of the Grind
017 Chapter 1 Legendary endgame grinders
020 Game 1 David Howell – Boris Gelfand
038 Chapter 2 Origin stories
041 Game 2 Magnus Carlsen – David Howell
048 Game 3 David Howell – Glenn House
058 Chapter 3 Accumulating small advantages
062 Game 4 Magnus Carlsen – Bu Xiangzhi
079 Game 5 Aryan Tari – Magnus Carlsen
094 Chapter 4 Outgrinding fellow grinders
098 Game 6 David Howell – Pentala Harikrishna
109 Chapter 5 Turning draws into wins
112 Game 7 David Howell – Nils Grandelius
128 Game 8 Jelle Sarrau – Magnus Carlsen
138 Chapter 6 Defensive grinding: saving the half-point
141 Game 9 Magnus Carlsen – Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
162 Chapter 7 Tiring out your opponent
165 Game 10 Magnus Carlsen – Anish Giri
171 Game 11 David Howell – Graham Moore
178 Chapter 8 Transformation of advantage types
181 Game 12 Magnus Carlsen – Ian Nepomniachtchi
205 Index of names
206 Explanation of symbols
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