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How to Study Chess on Your Own

Creating a Plan That Works... and Sticking to It!
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Utgivelsesdato Mai 2021
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Endelig boka som systematisk angriper og anviser hvordan du med både bøker og dataverktøy skal arbeide for å bli en riktig sterk sjakkspiller, helt opp til stormester, vil vi si. Høyst nyttig, tankevekkende og innholdsrik.

En av de nyttigste og mest bemerkelsesverdige sjakkbøkene de seneste årene.

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Study chess without wasting your time and energy

Every chess player wants to improve, but many, if not most, lack the tools or the discipline to study in an effective way. With so much material on offer, the eternal question is: ‘How can I study chess without wasting my time and energy?’

Davorin Kuljasevic provides the full and ultimate answer, as he presents a structured study approach that has long-term improvement value. He explains how to study and what to study, offers specific advice for the various stages of the game and points out how to integrate all elements in an actionable study plan.

  • How do you optimize your learning process?

  • How do you develop good study habits and get rid of useless ones?

  • What study resources are appropriate for players of different levels?

Many self-improvement guides are essentially little more than a collection of exercises. Davorin Kuljasevic reflects on learning techniques and priorities in a fundamental way. And although this is not an exercise book, it is full of instructive examples looked at from unusual angles.

To provide a solid self-study framework, Kuljasevic categorizes lots of important aspects of chess study in a guide that is rich in illustrative tables, figures and bullet points. Anyone, from casual player to chess professional, will take away a multitude of original learning methods and valuable practical improvement ideas.

Davorin Kuljasevic is an International Grandmaster born in Croatia. He graduated from Texas Tech University and is an experienced coach. His bestselling book Beyond Material: Ignore the Face Value of Your Pieces was a finalist for the Boleslavsky-Averbakh Award, the best book prize of FIDE, the International Chess Federation.



007 Preface
013 Chapter 1: Do you study with the right mindset?
059 Chapter 2: Fifteen study methods
121 Chapter 3: Identify your study priorities
156 Chapter 4: Choose the right resources for your study plan
186 Chapter 5: Study your openings deeply
233 Chapter 6: ‘Dynamize’ your tactical training
248 Tactics Test
253 Chapter 7: Make your endgame study more enjoyable
291 Chapter 8: Systemize your middlegame knowledge
324 Positional mini test: piece exchanges
326 Chapter 9: Get organized – create a study plan
349 Chapter 10: Solutions to exercises
375 Index of names
379 Bibliography
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