Video/DVD Åpninger Åpninger med 1 e4 Siciliansk

Modern Ways of Playing The Sicilian CD

Utgivelsesdato Januar 1999
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En omtale på ChessBase sin egen side:

I never stop wondering as to why does a player choose a particular line of play, a specific variation of an opening. From personal experience I know that logic and pragmatism have no place in one’s consideration as to what specific variation gives better winning chances.

The truth is, we opt for a particular line simply because it reflects our personality. Ironically, opening theory itself is somewhat reminiscent of its original birthplace. Think about the English Opening for example: gray, slow, boring and yet strategically solid! Does it remind you of any place?! And when you think about the Sicilian? Three F words: fast, furious, fascinating – and yet full of pitfalls. Does it remind you of anything? Perhaps, a Lamborghini on the 250 mph Monza circuit, the fastest and deadliest in Formula One calendar!

We choose a particular line even though it may not be the most popular or pragmatic way of going about getting better results.

The featured work is one of those peculiar lines of play that may or may not suit you as a Sicilian player. At first sight it looks a little more than a 'new' variation of the Paulson (e6) Sicilian. A closer look, however, will reveal that things are far more complicated. The CD-manual contains six main variations ranging from the positional d6 to the super sharp "pin variation" or the "Qb6-variation” where the second player grabs the initiative immediately.

As opposed to many other sharp lines of the Sicilian – the Poisoned Pawn variation for example where you have 28-book-move lines at your disposal – here lines are far less complicated and somewhat natural. It doesn't take more than a few hours of study to pretty much familiarize yourself with all the main variations, which can be deployed as a powerful weapon in your very next game. Ideally it will suit a player with a fighting spirit who goes on to kill or die in the process! Whether you win or lose, your opponent has to be ready for a tough fight and there’s every chance that he will be crushed to death. Positions arising are not quite as tactically sharp as say in the "Poisoned Pawn" variation but they are every bit as deadly.

After 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Qb6!?

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