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New In Chess Magazine 2012 7

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Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2012
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Masse godt stoff og mest fra sjakk-OL i Istanbul. Portrettintervju med Eugenio Torre, Asias første stormester på 70-tallet, som nå spilte i stt 21. sjakk-OL, som er rekord. Men det handler også mye om møtene gjennom mange år med hans venn Bobby Fischer.

Olympiad Special

Top players annotate their games Exclusive comments by Levon Aronian, Vladimir Kramnik, Vasily Ivanchuk, Sergei Movsesian, Ding Liren, Eugene Torre, Hou Yifan, Kateryna Lahno, Nadezhda Kosintseva and Alexandra Kosteniuk

NIC's Café

Your Move

Aronian leads Armenia to gold Who was going to stop the Russians at the 40th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul? In an ultra-tight finish the top-seeds were edged out by Olympiad specialists Armenia. For the third time in six years cheering fans took to the streets of Yerevan to prepare a heroes' welcome for Levon Aronian and his men.

Interview: Eugene Torre He is the only man in the world who participated in more than half of the Olympiads that have been held so far. A lengthy interview with Asia's first ever grandmaster about his brief stint as a movie actor, the life lessons we can draw from chess and, of course, his good friend Bobby Fischer.

Russian delight What the Russian men failed to do by a hair's breadth, the Russian ladies did pull off in an equally close and breath-taking finish.

Body and mind games According to Nigel Short Olympiads are in essence all about sex.

Too early to harvest Over the past years no country has seen anything that comes even close to the chess boom in Turkey. Understandably the performances of the Turkish teams on their home-turf were anxiously and eagerly awaited.

S.O.S. Jeroen Bosch presents another opening surprise. This time a modern provocation in the Grünfeld.

Searching for eternal laws Hans Ree read the new biography of Aron Nimzowitsch, a man he never really understood.

Hertan's Forcing Moves

'What do we learn, Palmer?' That's one of the questions Luke McShane tries to answer in his book column.

Svetozar Gligoric Jan Timman remembers the grand old man of Yugoslav chess.

Just Checking Which three people would Natalia Pogonina like to invite for dinner?

Did they play your opening?

In this issue games with the following openings were annotated by world class players:

Caro-Kann - Kosteniuk-Soumya, by Kosteniuk

Ruy Lopez - N.Kosintseva-Zhao Xue, by Kosintseva

Slav - Giri-Aronian, by Aronian - Ding Liren-Barbosa, by Ding Liren - Kramnik-Aronian, by Kramnik

Nimzo-Indian - Ivanchuk-Wang Hao, by Ivanchuk - Short-Torre, by Torre

Queen's Indian - Socko-Hou Yifan, by Hou Yifan

King's Indian - Lahno-Socko, by Lahno - Movsesian-Grischuk, by Movsesian

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