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New In Chess Magazine 2013 7

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Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2013
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Et formidabelt spesialnummer før VM-matchen i India. Ett av høydepunktene denne gang er det fine intervjuet med pappa Henrik Carlsen som både forteller og reflekterer lunt om hva som har skjedd i de siste snart 20 årene.

Blant det øvrige stoffet i et ekstra stort nummer er selvfølgelig de 30 sidene om World Cup i Tromsø, og Kramniks vei mot seier der, også av interesse i dette relativt norske nummeret av verdens ledende sjakktidsskrift.


Your Move

  • NIC’s Café
  • A Person of Indian Origin
    • Jonathan Rowson explains the sattvic side of Vishy Anand.
  • Anand-Carlsen: The Stats
  • How to Beat Magnus Carlsen
    • Sergey Shipov tackles a question the World Champion must be asking himself.
  • Sinquefield Cup
    • In his last serious test before Chennai, Magnus Carlsen raised his rating to 2870.
  • Interview: Henrik Carlsen
    • The father speaks. ‘He very quickly started eating at a separate table from us, three metres away, so that he could be with his chess pieces.’
  • World Cup Tromsø
    • He never much liked the knock-out format, but this time he had no choice. ‘Now that I am here I might as well try to win it.’ And that’s exactly what Vladimir Kramnik did.
  • Beware: Brilliancy!
  • Voyages of Discovery
    • Matthew Sadler spent quality time with Mikhail Tal, Vassily Ivanchuk and Garry Kasparov.
  • Hou Yifan Routs Ushenina
    • With a telling 5½-1½ victory the Chinese favourite regained her title.
  • Fischer’s Fissure
    • Here’s a sound piece of opening advice from Nigel Short. Not to be missed.
  • Poikovsky
    • Battleships and chess are two games that Pavel Eljanov is extremely good at.
  • Paris Grand Prix
    • Anish Giri witnessed the fight for a coveted spot in the next Candidates’ tournament.
  • S.O.S.
    • The Challenger has always been fond of opening surprises.
  • Illness Clause
    • World championship matches between two healthy contestants are a rarity, Hans Ree discovered.
  • Just Checking
    • What is it that Peter Heine Nielsen dislikes in others?
  • Did they play your opening?
  • Sicilian
    • Vachier-Lagrave-Dominguez, by Vachier-Lagrave
    • Nakamura-Gelfand, by Giri
    • Hou Yifan-Ushenina, by Hou Yifan
    • Wei Yi-Shirov, by Wei Yi
    • Caruana-Gelfand, by Giri
    • Kamsky-Mamedyarov, by Agdestein
    • Nakamura-Kamsky, by Nakamura
  • Ruy Lopez
    • Motylev-Eljanov, by Motylev
    • Carlsen-Aronian, by Hammer
  • Queen's Gambit Declined
    • Kramnik-Andreikin, by Andreikin
  • Slav
    • Aronian-Tomashevsky, by Tomashevsky
    • Carlsen-Kamsky, by Hammer
  • Catalan
    • Andreikin-Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, by Andreikin
  • Nimzo-Indian
    • Eljanov-Jakovenko, by Eljanov
    • Nakamura-Ponomariov, by Giri
    • Ushenina-Hou Yifan, by Timman
  • Queen's Indian
    • Ushenina-Hou Yifan, by Timman
  • Grünfeld-Indian
    • Nakamura-Caruana, by Giri
    • Mamedyarov-Kamsky, by Agdestein
    • Vitiugov-Ragger, by Agdestein
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