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New In Chess Magazine 2011/6

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Utgivelsesdato September 2011
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Vanskelig å omtale disse magasinene som er så leseverdige at de knapt lar seg legge bort. Denne gang f.eks. Sosonkos spennende historie om David Bronsteins nære støttespiller Boris Weinstein.

Magnus Carlsen blir intervjuet i Biel. Kramnik følges i Dortmund, Aronjan i lag-VM og Svidler i det russiske mesterskapet som han vant for sjette gang. Fine partikommentarer også av Magnus og de andre store. Artikler av Kasparov, Short osv. Se innholdsfortegnelsen...


  • NIC’s Café
  • Your Move
  • The Patriarch
  • Classic Carlsen Best in Biel

    • Spoiling for a fight in each and every game, Magnus Carlsen triumphed and confirmed his number one position in the world. Perhaps the biggest sensation in Biel was the comeback of runner-up Alexander Morozevich. Faster than anyone could have dreamed of, the Russian daredevil is fighting his way back to the top.
  • Interview

    • ‘Unless someone goes completely crazy we are not going to see the end of classical tournaments any time soon’, Magnus Carlsen reassured Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam.
  • The Man behind the Curtain

    • Genna Sosonko portrays Boris Weinstein, co-author of David Bronstein’s book on Zurich 1953, and the man without whom the career of one of the most brilliant players of the past century would have been unthinkable.
  • Mr. Dortmund’s Tenth Trophy

    • In his first event following the Candidates’ Matches, Vladimir Kramnik surprised fans (and even himself) by trouncing the field in Dortmund. Playing aggressive chess, the Russian finished a point and a half clear of the rest to earn his 10th Dortmund title.
  • Brilliant Bureaucrats

    • Meet ‘the Popes of Chess Theory’, Laszlo Hazai and Peter Lukacs.
  • Harmonious Armenia

    • Led by Levon Aronian, Armenia claimed first prize without a single defeat ahead of China and Ukraine at the World Team Championships in Ningbo. Top-rated Russia had another lacklustre result.
  • Land of Hope and Former Glory

    • Nigel Short muses on the past, present and future of chess in Albion.
  • The Champion on the Sofa

    • At the strongest Super Final to date, Peter Svidler became Russian Champion for the 6th(!) time.
  • Peering beneath the Surface

    • Luke McShane tells us what he’s been reading lately.
  • Hard Times

    • Hans Ree on Yuri Averbakh’s memoir Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes.
  • Hou Yifan’s Progress

    • Jan Timman asks himself the question if Hou Yifan has the potential to follow in the footsteps of Judit Polgar.
  • Fix What Is Broken

    • ‘The amount of fight in a game of chess is determined not by the rulebook but by the amount of fight in the players’, writes Garry Kasparov.
  • Just Checking

    • What will be the nationality of the 2050 World Champion according to Wang Hao?
  • Did They Play Your Opening?

    • Sicilian
      • Hou Yifan-Yu Yangyi, by Timman
    • French
      • Smeets-Hou Yifan, by Timman
      • Kovalevskaya-Hou Yifan, by Timman
    • Ruy Lopez
      • Shirov-Carlsen, by Carlsen
      • Movsesian-Onischuk, by Movsesian
      • Ivanchuk-Leko, by Leko
    • Queen's Gambit Declined
      • Le Quang Liem-Kramnik, by Le Quang Liem
    • Slav
      • Aronian-Karjakin, by Aronian
    • Grünfeld Indian
      • Morozevich-Carlsen, by Morozevich
      • Kramnik-Giri, by Kramnik
    • Kings Indian
      • Kramnik-Ponomariov, by Ponomariov
      • Adly-Wang Hao, by Wang Hao
    • English Opening
    • Svidler-Nepomniachtchi, by Svidler
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