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New In Chess Magazine 2012 3

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato Mai 2012
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Enda et nytt New In Chess Magazine med selvfølgelig en herlig blanding av ferskvarer og nostalgi, av sjakkspill og sjakkmennesker, av dagens elitesjakk og historiens sus, denne gang med legendene Capablanca og Fischer.


NIC’s Café

The Mozart of Chess - Adam Feinstein pays a compelling tribute to José Raúl Capablanca, the Cuban genius, who believed that chess had been invented for him.

Problems in Plovdiv - At the European Individual Championship the zero-tolerance rule and a new anti-draw measure caused a lot of commotion and frustration.

Interview - Dmitry Jakovenko, the new European Champion, talks to Vladimir Barsky about his passion for mathematics and his ambitions in chess.

Saturday Night Fever - Nigel Short weighs the horrors and merits of weekenders.

Chess City Reykjavik - Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam returned to Iceland for the Reykjavik Open, an increasingly popular destination for pros and amateurs from all corners of the earth. - Top-seed Fabiano Caruana came and delivered.

Bobby Fischer Comes Home - Helgi Olafsson wrote a book about his complex and memorable friendship with Bobby Fischer during the American’s last years in Iceland.

Beware, TN!! - Hans Ree was guided through memory lane as he read an overview of 40 years of theoretical novelties in Chess Informant.

The Adrenaline Lover - European Women’s Champion Valentina Gunina talks about the sacrifices she and her family had to make and the adrenaline that makes it all worth it.

Through the Luking Glass - Luke McShane enjoyed two books crammed with ‘remarkably clear explanations’.

Baden-Baden again - Jan Timman takes a look at the decisive clash in the German Bundesliga.

Just Checking - Which three people would Gawain Jones like to invite for dinner?


In this issue games with the following openings were annotated by world class players:

  • Siclian
    • Baklan-Hou Yifan, by Hou Yifan
  • Petroff
    • Vachier-Lagrave-Giri, by Timman
  • Ruy Lopez
    • Navara-Sokolov, by Sokolov
  • Slav
    • Anand-Eljanov, by Timman
    • Gunina-A.Muzychuk, by Gunina
  • Nimzo-Indian
    • Jakovenko-Fressinet, by Jakovenko
  • Grünfeld Indian
    • Fressinet-Timofeev, by Fressinet
    • Cheparinov-Caruana, by Caruana
    • Heine Nielsen-Tomy Nybäck, by Timman
  • King's Indian
    • Halkias-Jones, by Jones
  • English Opening
    • Malakhov-Timofeev, by Malakhov
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