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New In Chess Magazine 2012 5

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Utgivelsesdato August 2012
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Magnus Carlsen er som vi ser en hovedperson i New in Chess Magazine nummer 5, og manageren hans Espen Agdestein er intervjuobjekt denne gang, særlig om prosessen å bygge opp Magnus som en merkevare.

Innholdsfortegnelsen røper naturligvis en variert magasinnummer av vanlig høy kvalitet:


  • Top players annotate their games
    • Exclusive comments by Carlsen, Kramnik, Caruana, Morozevich, Radjabov, Svidler, McShane, Humpy Koneru and Anna Muzychuk
  • NIC's Café
  • Your Move
  • Passionate play in Pashkov House
    • Little more than a week after the World Championship match, Moscow was once again the scene of a major chess event. With the high number of draws in the match still fresh in mind, and remembering the frustrating deadlock in the vast majority of last year's hard-fought games, many awaited the seventh Tal Memorial with some concern. Those worries were rapidly dispelled.
  • Magnus Carlsen, the Brand
    • Espen Agdestein reveals what it takes to turn a chess player into a brand.
  • Sasha and Seryozha up to Speed
    • The Rapid and Blitz World Championships in Astana ended in victories for Russian aces Sergey Karjakin and Alexander Grischuk.
  • Dawn of a new century
    • Having visited 100 countries, Nigel Short laconically decided to visit number 101.
  • Hertan's Forcing Moves
  • Master of the Grünfeld
    • Peter Svidler presents a further sample of his expertise in this grand opening.
  • Larsen's prophecies
    • You cannot learn much about chess if you only rely on Informant symbols (+-, !?) or computer assessments (+2.31, -1.08), argues Mihail Marin, underpinning his conviction with a fascinating analysis of Fischer-Larsen, Santa Monica 1966.
  • Close race in Kazan
    • The fourth leg of the FIDE Women Grand Prix in the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan ended in a shared win for the only two players that remained undefeated, Humpy Koneru from India and Anna Muzychuk from Slovenia.
  • Through the Luking Glass
    • Luke McShane gives his views on two very different books.
  • Deviate at move 6 in the Tarrasch!
    • Put your opponent to the test with an astonishing Queen retreat, says Jeroen Bosch
  • Going his own way
    • Dick van Geet, who died on April 29 at the age of 80, was much more than the man who gave his name to an opening, writes Hans Ree.
  • Carlsen's preparation
    • Would Magnus' results improve if he were to build a sharp opening repetroire as White? Asks Jan Timman.
  • Just Checking
    • Who is Evgeny Tomashevsky's favourite football player?
  • Did they play your opening?
  • In this issue games with the following openings were annotated by world class players:
  • Sicilian
  • McShane-Radjabov, by Radjabov
  • Caro-Kann
    • Muzychuk-Stefanova, by Muzychuk
  • Ruy Lopez
    • McShane-Kramnik, by Timman
    • McShane-Carlsen, by Carlsen
  • Scotch
    • Caruana-Kramnik, by Caruana
    • Radjabov-Carlsen, by Timman
  • Slav
    • Aronian-McShane, by McShane
    • Aronian-Morozevich, by Morozevich
  • King's Indian
    • Kramnik-Grischuk, by Kramnik
  • Grünfeld-Indian
    • Navara-Svidler, by Svidler
  • English Opening
    • Lahno-Koneru, by Koneru
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