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New In Chess Magazine 2014 1

Utgivelsesdato Februar 2014
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New In Chess starter året med Nakamura på forsiden, og profilintervju etter seieren i London før jul. Sjakkhistorisk denne gang både om Portisch, om biblioteket til avdøde Lothar Schmid, om Nimzowisch-boka 1928-1935 og i Sadlers anmeldelse av "Best Play".

Verdens ledende sjakktidsskrift fornekter seg aldri. La oss denne gang nevne at fotografiene i disse magasinene også er blant det som gjør det til en stor opplevelse fra første titt.

INNHOLDET i nummer 1 2014:

Your Move

NIC’s Café

Russia Wins World Teams: Russia’s coach Yuri Dokhoian reveals the philosophy behind his coaching.

Lothar Schmid’s Library: The biggest private chess collection in the world is up for sale.

London Classic Goes Rapid: Jonathan Speelman saw ‘the trickiest player on the planet’ strike in the fifth edition of England’s finest.

Rapid Chess: According to Nigel Short we should not only thank the Brits for sports like football, cricket and what have you.

A Matter of Style?: Mihail Marin wonders if the style of Lajos Portisch was really as tactical as they say. Or was it positional? Or?

Interview: Hikaru Nakamura: The American number one is happy with the stability he has found and the way his chess is improving.

My Most Beautiful Move: Finally, Willy Hendriks had the opportunity to play the move he had been dreaming about. To the desired effect?

Fun Games in Beijing: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave reports from the Mind Games, where he miraculously arrived one day ahead of schedule.

Beware: Brilliancy!:

Who Can Say No to Nimzowitsch?: Hans Ree certainly can’t.

Sadler on Books

Twenty Years on: High time for an update on the Karpov-Timman FIDE World Championship match of 1993.

Just Checking: What was the best piece of advice Daniel King ever got?

Did they play your opening?


  • Jones-Gelfand, by Speelman
  • Leko-Vachier-Lagrave, by Vachier-Lagrave
  • Karjakin-Safarli, by Karjakin


  • McShane-Anand, by Speelman

Queen's Gambit Declined

  • Aronian-Nakamura, by Giri

Tarrasch Defence

  • Anand-Kramnik, by Speelman


  • Le Quang Liem-Karjakin, by Vachier-Lagrave
  • Nakamura-Kramnik, by Nakamura


  • Nepomniachtchi-Giri, by Vachier-Lagrave
  • Wang Yue-Ponomariov, by Vachier-Lagrave
  • Nakamura-Gelfand, by Speelman

Queen's Pawn

  • Ipatov-Kramnik, by Giri
  • Caruana-Sutovsky, by Speelman

English Opening

  • Nepomniachtchi-Kryvoruchko, by Nepomniachtchi
  • Wang Yue-Karjakin, by Vachier-Lagrave


  • Anand-McShane, by Speelman
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