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New In Chess Magazine 2014 3

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato Mai 2014
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Nærmere det internasjonale sjakkmiljøet kommer du ikke enn gjennom verdens beste og fineste sjakkmagasin. "Comeback kid" Anand denne gang ekstra i fokus og intervjuet. Ellers bl.a. fra Reykjavik og EM, og som vanlig også litt oppmerksomhet i retning Norge.


Meanwhile, back in Norway…

Your Move

NIC’s Café

Amazing Anand Who could have imagined that the dethroned World Champion would suddenly wake up from his hibernation and gain the right to a rematch?

Interview Anand on his dazzling comeback: ‘After the match I think I disliked chess for a while.’

Giri’s Assessment Our contributing editor gives his verdict about the eight Candidates.

The Panov Attack Genna Sosonko presents and comments on a most remarkable letter from the KGB archives.

Beware: Brilliancy!

European Championship The new champion, Alexander Motylev, answers 10 questions.

Fair & Square

Reykjavik Open Only one of the 255 participants was Chinese, and he won.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen Nigel Short reveals that he is a closet imperialist.

Giuoco Piano con Fuoco An original idea to spice up the Italian Game.

Moments with Magnus Matthew Sadler read four books on the Champ.

Everybody’s Doing It Hans Ree looks at the recent boom in opening eccentricity.

Just Checking Which three people would Walter Browne like to invite for dinner?

Did They Play Your Opening?


  • Motylev-Tari by Motylev
  • Anand-Topalov by Anand
  • Naiditsch-Hansen by Hansen
  • Aronian-Karjakin by Giri
  • Soors-Gretarsson by Olafsson


  • Van Kampen-Rapport by Van Kampen

Ruy Lopez

  • Motylev-Kovalev by Motylev
  • Browne-Olafsson by Olafsson
  • Anand-Aronian by Giri

Queen's Gambit Declined

  • Topalov-Kramnik by Giri

Queen's Gambit Accepted

  • Kramnik-Karjakin by Giri


  • Gajewski-Browne by Browne
  • Mamedyarov-Aronian by Giri

King's Indian

  • Li Chao-Rapport by Li Chao
  • Bacrot-Anton by Anton
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