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New In Chess Magazine 2014 4

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Utgivelsesdato Juni 2014
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-Every game should be an event, sier Magnus Carlsen på forsiden av magasinet denne gang. Han intervjues etter Gashimovs minneturnering som han vant. Det er mange andre grunner til å lese dette bladet også.


Raising Awareness

Your Move

NIC’s Café

Shamkir Royal No expenses or efforts were spared in staging a grandiose international chess tournament to the memory of Vugar Gashimov only three months after his tragic death at the age of 27.

Interview The biggest danger is indifference, says Magnus Carlsen.

Beware: Brilliancy!

Fair & Square

Grischuk Rises from the Stove Vladimir Barsky reports on the Russian Team Championships in Sochi.

I’m a Believer Nigel Short had intended to write about the last round of the 4NCL.

Stanley Kubrick One of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century had a lifelong passion for chess.

Travels on my Laptop Highlights from Poikovsky, Havana and St. Louis as seen by Anish Giri.

An Early f3 Four books with a common theme reviewed by Matthew Sadler.

Down Under Loek van Wely gives an update on his travels.

A Venerable Tradition Jan Timman took part in the 23rd edition of the Sigeman tournament in Malmö.

A Man of Iron Logic Hans Ree on Andrew Soltis’ biography of Mikhail Botvinnik.

Just Checking What is Dimitri Reinderman’s greatest fear?

Did They Play Your Opening?

Sicilian Motylev-Tari by Motylev Anand-Topalov by Anand Naiditsch-Hansen by Hansen Aronian-Karjakin by Giri Soors-Gretarsson by Olafsson

French Van Kampen-Rapport by Van Kampen

Ruy Lopez Motylev-Kovalev by Motylev Browne-Olafsson by Olafsson Anand-Aronian by Giri

Queen's Gambit Declined Topalov-Kramnik by Giri

Queen's Gambit Accepted Kramnik-Karjakin by Giri

Nimzo-Indian Gajewski-Browne by Browne Mamedyarov-Aronian by Giri

King's Indian Li Chao-Rapport by Li Chao Bacrot-Anton by Anton

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