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New In Chess Magazine 2014 5

Nivå B-D
Utgivelsesdato August 2014
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Mye godt stoff for norske hjerter i dette nye magasinet: VM i hurtigsjakk, VM i hurtigsjakk og Norway Chess, sistnevnte referert av Simen Agdestein. Shorts artikkel "Tyranny" om 19 år med Kirsan kom rett etter presidentvalget i FIDE.

Innholdsfortegnelsen og partioversikten gir oversikt over det som alltid briljante stoffet:


Talking Heads

Your Move

NIC’s Café

Karjakin Carlsen Style On the World Champion’s home turf, Sergey Karjakin miraculously defended his Norway Chess title with a Magnus Carlsen specialty, a devastating final sprint from a seemingly hopeless position.

Beware! Brilliancy!

Tyranny Nigel Short looks at 19 years of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and sees more than ample reason to vote for change at the FIDE presidential elections.

A Winner Takes It All At the FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championship, Magnus Carlsen proved that he is the best in any FIDE rated time-control. Loek van Wely presents the main protagonists in Dubai and lets himself be guided by his idea of ‘defining moments’. Magnus Carlsen comments on both a rapid and a blitz game!

Fair & Square

‘What a lousy move!’ But it was played by Magnus Carlsen! Jeroen Bosch explains the S.O.S. merits of the Ruy Lopez Alapin.

FIDE Grand Prix Thanks to victories in Khanty-Mansiysk and Lopota World Champion Hou Yifan is back in the race to win the Women’s GP.

‘Ljubo’ Jan Timman profiles one of his strongest rivals. A fellow globetrotter with a special talent. ‘I believe that, after Kasparov and Karpov, I have learned the most from him.’

Should Be Easy! Matthew Sadler makes a strong plea for (good) puzzle books.

Just Checking What would Laurent Fressinet save from his house if it were on fire?

Did They Play Your Opening?

Sicilian Karjakin-Carlsen, by Van Wely Hou Yifan-Girya, by Hou Yifan Caruana-Svidler, by Caruana Yu Yangyi-Svidler, by Van Wely

French Grischuk-Caruana, by Van Wely Karjakin-Agdestein, by Agdestein Nepomniachtchi-Nakamura, by Van Wely

Ruy Lopez Karjakin-Carlsen, by Bosch Caruana-Aronian, by Van Wely

Vienna Game Mamedov-Carlsen, by Carlsen

Queen's Gambit Declined Karjakin-Kramnik, by Karjakin

Slav Carlsen-Fressinet, by Van Wely Carlsen-Anand, by Van Wely

Queen's Gambit Accepted Mamedyarov-Nakamura, by Van Wely

Nimzo-Indian Carlsen-Aronian, by Giri Aronian-Carlsen, by Van Wely

Grünfeld Indian Kramnik-Grischuk, by Giri

King's Indian Tomashevsky-Nakamura, by Van Wely Carlsen-Grischuk, by Van Wely

Benoni Carlsen-Inarkiev, by Carlsen

Queen's Pawn Harikrishna-Vachier-Lagrave, by Van Wely Jobava-Mamedyarov, by Van Wely

English Opening Grischuk-Aronian, by Agdestein Hou Yifan-Stefanova, by Hou Yifan

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