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New In Chess Magazine 2018 / 2

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Utgivelsesdato Mars 2018
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Nesten enda mer variert og aktuelt lese- og sjakkstoff enn vanlig å unne seg i dette magasinet. Til og med Fischer-sjakken på Høvikodden blir skikkelig vurdert som fenomen.

Innholdet som presentert av utgiveren selv:

In issue 2018#2 you will find 108 pages of the best in chess with Carlsen, Kasparov, Aronian, Kramnik, Fischer and many others

Carlsen sets record with 6th win : The 80th Tata Steel Chess ­Tournament in Wijk aan Zee ended with a blitz playoff between Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri. The World Champion tends to win playoffs. Always. And this one was no exception.

Levon Aronian wins Gibraltar : In his first appearance in an Open in more than a decade, Levon Aronian won the play-offs of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess. The traditionally generous prize for the best female player, £ 15,000, was pocketed by Pia Cramling.

Kasparov's musical favourites : Garry Kasparov chose his musical favourites - from Mozart to Lloyd Webber - for a BBC radio program

Letters : How fair was the AlphaZero-Stockfish match?

Fischer Facts : Ten years after his death the 11th World Champion continues to fascinate.

Fair & Square : What did John Maynard Keynes see as one of the benefits of chess?

Nigel Short's column : ‘If ever an activity should long ago have expired and been buried with dignity, it is surely correspondence chess’, Nigel Short suggests.

Interview: Vidit Gujrathi : He may well be India’s brightest hope for the coming years.

Veni, Vidit, Vici : In a personal account, the winner of the Tata Steel Challengers reveals how he transformed into a Master.

Judit Polgar : It’s not easy to play after a loss, Judit Polgar argues. Or a win!

Maximize Your Tactics : Find the right moves.

Fischer Random anyone? : Maxim Dlugy followed the Carlsen-Nakamura match and looks at the merits of Fischer Random.

Secrets of Opening Surprises : An aggressive weapon against the English Opening on move 2!

NIC’s Café : An Armenian banknote honouring Tigran Petrosian and a Russian plane named after Mikhail Botvinnik.

Chess Pattern Recognition : Impossible break moves that are a feast to the eye.

Sadler on Books : Matthew Sadler gets into raptures about a superb account of the match in New York with fascinating insights by former champ Vladimir Kramnik.

Living in bad times : Hans Ree read the biography of Paul Felix Schmidt (1916-1984), a prominent player in his time, but now almost forgotten.

Jan Timman shows how top-level games often inspire chess study composers. And the other way around!

Just Checking: What is Pia Cramling’s all-time favourite movie? Celeb64: Hugh Laurie

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