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New In Chess Magazine 2018 / 6

Utgivelsesdato September 2018
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Nederlendernes internasjonale magasin ser ut til å skjerpe seg ytterligere med ny konkurranse fra USA. Dette er topp underholdning for alle oss sjakknerder på ulike nivåer. Selvfølgelig mye glimrende kommentert sjakk også.

New In Chess 2018#6 brings you 108 pages of the best in chess:

New In Chess 2018#6 covers the tournaments in Biel, Dortmund and Helsingor and of course masterclasses by elite players from all over the world.

Nigel Short’s secret wild adventure, a new story by Genna Sosonko, Shirov’s shocker in the French, Judit Polgar on getting better, Matthew Sadler on what made Dvoretsky such a brilliant trainer, Karpov’s blitz and much more.

Mamedyarov outplays Carlsen in Biel : Magnus Carlsen was the undeniable headliner in Biel, but the indisputable star was ‘Shakh’ Mamedyarov, who finished one and a half points ahead of the World Champion. Nico Georgiadis, who played a crucial game against Carlsen, reports from an unusual perspective.

Nepo dominates Dortmund : In a seven-round sprint, Ian Nepomniachtchi finished a full point ahead of his closest pursuers. Vladimir ‘Mr Dortmund’ Kramnik fought like a lion but took too many risks.

Hammer blows in Helsingor : Jan Timman was impressed by the games that Jon-Ludvig Hammer played to win the Xtracon Open, including one ‘that his friend Magnus Carlsen would have been proud of’.

NIC’s Café : Finally, Lennox Lewis and Vitaly Klitschko will step into the ring for a revenge fight… on the chess board.

Your Move : Why did Reuben Fine lose an easily won game against Samuel Reshevsky in Pasadena 86 years ago?

Mamedyarov in top form : A graphic about the recent rise of Azerbaijan’s number one.

Fair & Square : Don Henley reveals that not everyone was thrilled when The Eagles recorded their hit ‘Desperado’.

Short Stories : When one of his opponents in the FIDE presidential elections posted a combination that he was proud of, Nigel Short decided it was time to fulfil an old promise to our readers.

Secrets of Opening Surprises : Shirov’s shocker in the French Rubinstein.

Chess Pattern Recognition : Capa’s bishop sac against Bogoljubow in Moscow 1925 is a classic that remains relevant today.

The Blitz Whisperer : Maxim Dlugy examines Anatoly Karpov’s inimitable style… in blitz!

Sadler on Books : Matthew Sadler reviews a rich and varied bouquet of new books.

Judit Polgar : Studies are aesthetically pleasing and intellectually challenging, but they also help you become a better player, as Judit Polgar shows.

The Ticket : Genna Sosonko wrote a fine addendum to his latest book, Evil-Doer, Half a Century with Viktor Kortchnoi.

Chess Training with Tactics : Find the right moves.

Going digital : Hans Ree muses about his initiation, years ago, into the digital age.

Just Checking : Which three people would Cristian Chirila like to invite for dinner?

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