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New In Chess Magazine 2020 / 6

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Utgivelsesdato September 2020
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Som ventet enda et praktnummer av det suverene NIC-magasinet. Denne gang lar vi oss ekstra begeistre av en god historie med Bobby Fischer, og ellers i bladet våre nordiske stjerner Olafsson og Larsen.

Også den enda nyere nordiske stjernen Magnus Carlsen er med i en reportasje fra sitt danske tilholdssted under en av nettfinalene! Og mye annet godt innhold å glede seg over:


6 Chess for Tigers In times of lockdown even tigers take to chess in Moscow.

8 NIC’S Café Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan believes that no one should run for political office who cannot prove that they are member of a chess club.

10 Gargantuan fight The Grand Final of the Magnus Carlsen Tour culminated in the hoped-for clashbetween online rivals Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura. At the end of a 38-game marathon, the World Champion prevailed with a draw in the last Armageddon game.

13 Celeb64: Jane Fonda

26 Bobby and the cheese sandwich Svend Hamann played Bobby Fischer in Netanya 1968. Next the American visited Hamann’s home in Copenhagen.

32 Happy together again Bolstered by Switzerland’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Biel organizers decided to have their annual chess tournament where they always had it. ‘After so many months it was simply pure joy to sit at the board and execute moves.’

42 Young legend dominates the Legends A fine choice of legends added spice to the final leg of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour. Nevertheless the big hero was Carlsen himself (again), as he swept the field, winning all his matches.

60 Maximize Your Tactics Find the right moves.

62 Fair & Square ‘He was a great chess player on the ground and he had all the pieces.’ Who said this about the great Michael Jordan?

63 What would you play? Test your decision-making skills with Thomas ‘Toolbox’ Willemze.

68 Peaking in Portoroz In Portoroz 1958, Fridrik Olafsson, the father of Icelandic chess, qualified for the Candidates. His victims included 15-year-old rising star Bobby Fischer and Nordic rival Bent Larsen.

78 Shirov’s lessons Not one to pull punches herself, Judit Polgar had an easy task selecting encounters with ‘the other magician from Riga’ that saw sparks fly.

82 Chess in art Czech artist and chess lover Peter Herel Raabenstein devoted many years to a monumental book on chess paintings.

85 Sadler on Books Our book reviewer is not only impressed by Emanuel Lasker’s boundless energy and creativity, but also by the second volume of the revelatory new biography of the German giant (five stars!).

90 Larsen’s lasting legacy Jan Timman takes a fresh look at two classical victories of the Great Dane.

97 They Are the Champions Saša Martinovic is the national champion of Croatia.

98 Just Checking Which three people would Danny Rensch like to invite to dinner?

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