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New in Chess Magazine 2021/6

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Utgivelsesdato September 2021
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Atle Grønns 6 siders artikkel om Knut Jøran Helmers (1957-2021) og ikke minst forholdet hans til Simen Agdestein er denne gang et høydepunkt blant flere i New In Chess Magazine. Ellers intervju med World-Cup-vinner Jan-Krysztof Duda.


6 Zugzwang

Stefan Zweig’s famous Schachnovelle (The Royal Game) has once again been adapted for the big screen.

8 NIC’s Café

Is there chess life after being ‘young Beth Harmon’? For Isla Johnston there certainly is! And how do you keep David Howell and Phil Wang apart?

10 Interview: Jan-Krzysztof Duda

‘It felt natural to me that I would become World Champion one day. Now, the closer I get, the more obstacles I see.’

16 ‘JKD’ shines in Sochi

After three long weeks of in-person chess, Jan-Krzysztof Duda emerged victorious at the 2021 World Cup. With his win he qualified for the Candidates tournament, as did runner-up Sergey Karjakin.

21 Celeb64: Robin Williams

34 Fair & Square

Why did Mikhail Botvinnik believe that ‘Chess is a socialistic game’?

44 Magnificent encore

Having stumbled in the semi-finals, Magnus Carlsen bid farewell to the World Cup with two brilliancies.

52 KO is OK

Women’s World Cup winner Alexandra Kosteniuk has a special knack for knockout championships.

56 The truth seeker

Atle Gronn portrays Norwegian legend Knut Helmers (1957-2021), who will be remembered as ‘the coach of the coach of the World Champion’, the man who polished the raw chess talent of Simen Agdestein in the 1980s.

64 Magnus Carlsen teaches chess

The World Champion returns to one of his favourite combinations.

66 So wins Chessable Masters

Wesley So clinched his third victory in the penultimate leg of the Meltwater Champions Tour and remained within striking distance of overall leader Magnus Carlsen.

78 Maximize Your Tactics

Find the right moves.

80 Judit Polgar

Our columnist looks at endgame fortresses that can salvage seemingly hopeless positions.

85 What would you play?

Test your decision-making skills with Thomas ‘Toolbox’ Willemze.

90 Sadler on Books

Candid and personal books by Mark Taimanov and Nigel Short, and more.

96 Asian Rising Stars

Jan Timman looks at the remarkable World Cup achievements of three youngsters whose ambitions know no bounds.

105 They are The Champions

Dante Beukes is the national champion of Namibia.

106 Just Checking

What would people be surprised to know about ‘JKD’’s trainer Kamil Miton?

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