Opposite-Colored Bishop Endings

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There are many secrets in chess, knowledge of which distinguishes a chess virtuoso from an amateur. One of these secrets is the ability to play positions with opposite-colored bishops.

Why is it so important? The point is that the presence of opposite-colored bishops is not always a sign of an impending draw. Due to a number of factors, one of the bishops may turn out to be stronger than its opposite number. This can lead to a successful attack, material gains or obtaining some other advantages that contribute to winning the game.

Grandmaster Alexey Bezgodov has written a book analyzing 174 endgame positions with opposite-colored bishops as training material for advanced players who wish to deepen their endgame skills. Endgame theory, tactics and strategy are all covered, and this will help strong improvers to grind out wins instead of draws, and to avoid losing in difficult positions. Most positions are taken from modern games, and they mostly feature world champions and top grandmasters, including Carlsen, Anand, Kramnik, Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer, Tal, Korchnoi, Andersson, Shirov, Gelfand, Caruana, Nepomniachtchi, and others.

Alexey Bezgodov, born in 1969, was Russian champion in 1993 and runner up in 1999. He has written around 20 books on all aspects of chess.



004 Introduction: Why study opposite-colored bishop endings
004 Foreword to the English Edition
005 Chapter 1. “Pure” opposite-colored bishop endings – kings, bishops and pawns
051 Chapter 2. Opposite-colored bishop endings with rooks
129 Chapter 3. Opposite-colored bishop endings with queens
150 Chapter 4. Opposite-colored bishop endings with knights
155 Chapter 5. Attack in opposite-colored bishop endings
193 Afterword
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