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Petrosian Year by Year Volume 2 (1963-1984)

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Utgivelsesdato Februar 2022
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Petrosian Year by Year Volume 2 (1963-1984) [INNBUNDET]


Andre og siste del av karrieren til den store sjakkmesteren Tigran Petrosian, med 175 hele partier og fragmenter, analysert med moderne verktøy, sammen med omtaler av både turneringer og livet hans.

Bind 2 starter med matchen mot Botvinnik da han ble verdensmester. Disse to bøkene gir den ultimate gjennomgangen av sjakken til den unike verdensmesteren Tigran Petrosian.

Forlagets egen omtale:

International Master Tibor Karolyi and FIDE Master Tigran Gyozalyan have written a comprehensive two-volume treatise on the life and games of Tigran Petrosian, who was world champion from 1963-1969. The present Volume II takes the reader on a journey from Tigran’s victory in the 1963 world title match against Mikhail Botvinnik, when he firmly established himself as the best player in the world, through his next two title matches against Boris Spassky in 1966 and 1969 and subsequent candidates matches against Bobby Fischer, Victor Korchnoi and other world-class players of the era. It covers all his tournaments and matches of the second half of his career, ending with his final games in 1983.

Karolyi and Gyozalyan provide deep modern analysis of 175 full games and fragments, and summarise almost all known games played by Petrosian in the period. They also provide considerable background colour on each game, with round-by-round analysis of tournaments and matches in which they were played. Many of these games have not previously been analysed in detail in modern books, and those that were have nevertheless been subjected to considerably improved analysis.

Petrosian’s opponents in Volume II include world champions and challengers Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer, Spassky, Tal, Smyslov, Botvinnik, Korchnoi, and Bronstein, as well as leading players such as Timman, Larsen, Reshevsky, Beliavsky, Polugaevsky, Portisch, Romanishin, and many others. There is a special focus on his coaches Suetin and Zaitsev.

An added bonus is the inclusion of rare photos taken from private collections in Georgia and Armenia, many of which have never before been published in the West.

Fra innledningen til bind 2:

In Volume II, we start by looking at how Tigran beat the great but aging Botvinnik, and how he defended his title against Spassky. He became the first world champion to retain his title with a win since Alekhine in 1934 against Bogoljubov. We look at his tournaments and games in detail as the world champion. We also look at all his Candidates matches, including his historical matches against Fischer and Korchnoi. We will follow him all the way to his final event, in 1983.

In chess, players are mainly judged according to what they have achieved, but it is also valid to rate them according to how many masterpieces they produced. If one judges the greats in this way, Petrosian was on the highest level. He achieved everything that was possible in his time. He was the world and Olympic champion. Indeed, no other player has equalled his number of medals at Chess Olympiads and European Championships. Petrosian had a unique style. Many enjoyed his games and admired his play. We hope that our book will increase the number of Petrosian fans, and our explanations might help in this respect. We hope that we will be able to shed light on some of his lesser-known masterpieces. Indeed, some of his majestic games have gone virtually unnoticed.

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