Sjakk-bøker Åpningsbøker 1 d4-åpninger Hollandsk

Play the Dutch! Part 2

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En bok om å spille alle hovedvariantene med Leningrad hollandsk, når hvit spiller d4, c4, g3, Lg2 og Sf3 eller Sh3, og svart spiller f5, g6, Lg7 og Sf6 med mange ulike oppstillinger videre. Boka er bygget opp pedagogisk rundt 57 mønsterpartier, de fleste fra 2010 og senere.

En spennende kampåpning for svart. Mest representert med svarte brikker fra dagens verdenselite er Hikaru Nakamura.

Forfatterens forord til bok 2:

In the second volume we look at all the lines in which White plays g3 and develops the bishop to g2. This setup
means that White doesn’t plan to refute the Dutch defence, but is instead ready to play a slow game.

The bishop stands well on the long diagona l as it fits in against all the main Black systems: the Stonewall, the Ilyin-Zhenevsky, and it is also not at all bad against our Leningrad. The
g2-square is the most popular place
for the bishop and it is not without
reason. When we develop the bish- op to g7, Black usually tries to carry out ...e5 — and if possible reduce
the g2-bishop’s power by pushing the e-pawn again to e4.

But that is not the only pawn for- mation Black can choose. Black can
also opt for the Leningrad Stonewall with ...c6 and ...d5, or consider a Be- noni-type pawn structure with ...c5.
Black can also look to gain space on the queenside with ...c6, ... Na6, ... Bd7 and ...b5. And these plans are not the whole story: in some cases Black can also play ...a5 and ... Na6, while in ad- dition some players like to act on the other wing with ...h6 and ...g5.

The black queen may go to e8, but
sometimes to a5, and can remain on the same diagonal on c7 or b6. But the lady may also perform the role of putting pressure on d5 from f7, or to attack the king from h5. Such versa- tility is rare and ver y fascinating. I be- lieve that, just as in the fi rst book, this tour in slower lanes of the Leningrad Dutch waters will be very entertaining, and firmly believe that one can
score well with this marvellous open- ing.

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