Power Fritz 18

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En moderne oppdatert utgave av FRITZ 18 med mye ekstra innhold, blant annet den nyeste motoren Power Fritz 18 Neuronal som vant årets VM for sjakkprogrammer, og Fritz Powerbook 2022 inkludert med full åpningsteori servert.

Fritz er fortsatt også det brukervennlige programmet for alminnelige sjakkspillere, men denne gang med mye mer på kjøpet enn vanlig. Produktet gir nå parallelt også direkte tilgang til download-versjonen, hvis og når du mangler en DVD-stasjon.

ChessBase sin egen omtale:

Power Fritz 18: The Chess Software World Champion 2022 - The really great chess program with full opening theory

Fritz has fascinated the chess world for 30 years. And the success story continues. In Vienna, the most popular chess program ever was once again able to underline its premier position: the newly developed neural engine with NNUE technology won the official Chess Software World Championship! With Power Fritz 18 you have the world champion program on your PC!

Despite overwhelming playing strength, it is fun to play against Fritz: with the game mode "Evolving Genius” you will succeed in scoring glorious wins against Fritz. The new AI-based training method leads you to brilliant sacrificial combinations via clever variant selection and discreet hints!

Exclusive to this special edition: the Fritz Powerbook 2022! This complete chess opening theory with 25 million positions and 1.7 million tournament games guarantee you total insight into every opening position including statistical evaluation. With it Fritz can play every opening optimally and make you an opening specialist!

This is what Power Fritz 18 offers:

  • 2 top chess engines: Fritz18 NEURONAL, the world champion engine with NNUE technology by Frank Schneider and Fritz 18-"Classic"-engine, optimised for short thinking times.
  • Fritz Powerbook 2022 with 25 million opening positions and 1.7 million chess games
  • 1 year Premium ChessBase Account: 10 professional WebApps for mobile playing and training!

Also in Power FRITZ 18:

Intelligent tips: Fritz provides subtle hints in difficult positions
Visual evaluation: pawn structure, king safety, piece activity and sharpness of the position
Stylish chessboard in Direct2D technology with a fresh look and improved animations.


Minimum: PC Intel i3 or i5 or Ryzen 3, 4 GB RAM, Windows 8.1 (32- or 64-Bit), DirectX11, graphic card with 512 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive (not required in download version), Windows Media Player and Internet access. Recommended: PC Intel i7, i9 or Ryzen 7/9, 8 GB RAM, Windows 11 or 10 with 64-Bit, Windows Media Player, graphic card with 1 GB RAM, RTX graphic card for real time Raytrace board, DVD-ROM drive and Internet access. For ChessBase ACCOUNT: Internet access and up-to-date browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari. Runs on Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux.

Important technical novelty: Buyers of the DVD will also receive the download version (activation on the ChessBase site)!

So if you have a computer without a DVD drive, you can still buy the DVD version!


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