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With a grand total of 124,387 games (77,068 full games and 47,319 game fragments), in numerical terms it is the biggest collection of annotated games on the market.

But this is not a numbers game. In contrast to the commercial databases which offer millions of freely accessible games with no analysis, Quality Base is a triumph of quality over quantity.

Quality Base is a complete collection of all the games ever published in Informant, from its very first issue, presenting games from 1965 right up to the very last issue Informant 158. It is designed to offer you a tremendously easy access to:

  • Entire Database

  • Each individual Informant

  • Games played by World Champions and other prominent chess players

  • Game annotators

  • All the Openings according to the ECO code system

  • Most popular opening lines and variations

  • Golden games, the best of the very best as voted by our Grandmaster jury

Quality Base by Chess Informant is a unique historical collection of annotated chess games which will serve as a premium database for daily use by competitive players and chess lovers worldwide.