Sharpen Up Your Chess

Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2023
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In this long-awaited second Thinkers-book of International Master, Armin Juhasz, the reader is invited to take a seat in his classroom and follow his useful guidelines how to improve your practical play.

The emphasis is on general principles that readers will be able to use in their own games, and detailed analysis is always given where it is necessary. Each game and fragment contain many lessons and practical tips, guiding the reader through the most important ideas in each phase of the game. This book illustrates an increasingly prevalent and successful style of play, a method that begins by slowly accumulating small but permanent advantages. The author does a very good job of explaining the key points of the game in such a way that the reader is given a true account of what is happening and not some watered down version. Translating the muddy world of modern master chess into something that is understandable to the layman, is a skill Armin mastered.


004 Key to Symbols
006 Preface
008 Introduction
011 Chapter 1 Unusual Openings, Quick Losses
047 Chapter 2 Grandmasters Get Tricked
083 Chapter 3 Sharp Middlegames
211 Chapter 4 Sharp Exercises
271 Chapter 5 Sharp Endgames
307 Chapter 6 Knowledge in Practice: Examples from my students’ games
367 Chapter 7 Homework Section
373 Conclusion

Om forfatteren Armin Juhasz

En ung Internasjonal mester og ikke minst sjakktrener fra Ungarn, født i 1998. Flere av elevene hans har allerede nådd svært gode resultater.
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