The Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

50 Tantalizing Problems of Chess Detection
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Utgivelsesdato Januar 2012
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En liten klassiker når det gjelder retrograde sjakkproblemer, analyse av hva som må ha skjedd tidligere i spillet. Boka er i skjønnlittererær form med artige historier der Sherlock Holmes altså skal løse sjakkmysterier.

Boka utkom opprinnelig i 1979.

Forlagets omtale:

Join the master sleuth as he and Dr. Watson examine interrupted chess matches at clubs and country homes, examining the pieces' current positions to identify previous moves. Rather than predicting the outcome of these games, the Baker Street duo focus on past events, using the same variety of logical reasoning that unlocks the secrets to their ever-popular mysteries.

Holmes instructs Watson (and us) in the intricacies of retrograde analysis in order to deduce on which square the white queen was captured, whether a pawn has been promoted, and which piece has been replaced by a coin. The mysteries grow increasingly complex, culminating in a double murder perpetrated by the devious Professor Moriarty.

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