The Modernized Flank Attack

Utgivelsesdato Juli 2024
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The g2-g4 (or ...g7-g5) pawn push is considered unconventional and often associated with backroom chess games or old-fashioned openings like the King’s Gambit.

Despite being one of the most weakening moves available, g2-g4 has been seen more frequently at the top level of chess.

While g2-g4 (or ...g7-g5) can lead to interesting fights, it also entails considerable risk and often results in messy, non-traditional positions with higher chances of mistakes.

It's crucial to remain objective and not get carried away by the excitement of launching an attack, as aggressive pawn pushes can quickly backfire.

The book aims to cover a wide range of chess openings involving g4 (...g5), regardless of whether the idea is strong, interesting, or unadvisable.

Over 50 games are analyzed, showcasing different scenarios where the g-pawn push is utilized, including attacking a short-castled king, challenging the stability of a knight on f3 (or ...Nf6), and seizing space on the kingside.

The examples illustrate a mix of these three reasons, with one prevailing in each case.

The authors, Pierre Laurent-Paoli & Christian Bauer, hope readers will enjoy exploring the lines presented in the book and implement them into their own play.



004 Key to Symbols
006 Preface
007 Introduction
009 Chapter 1- Challenging the Knight on f6 (f3)
117 Chapter 2 - Using a Hook
191 Chapter 3 - Space Grabbing
319 Chapter 4 - Miscellaneous
361 Index of Games
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