Theoretical Rook Endgames

Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2023
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Rook endgames are the most important to study, because they are the type of endgame you will face most often over the board. Working on rook endgames gives the biggest bang for your buck.

World-class grandmaster Sam Shankland explains technical rook endgames in a way that is clearer, better organized, more concise, and easier to understand than any previous work. After learning the vital set positions, the reader is offered lots of rules and guidelines to correctly assess any theoretical rook endgame they have not yet memorized.

Theoretical Rook Endgames is the ideal guide to a vital topic in chess. After reading this book, you will know which positions must be memorized, and which positions are best handled by considering general principles.

The sister volume Conceptual Rook Endgames by Jacob Aagaard shows how the theoretical knowledge shown in the present book is used in advanced practical play.

GM Sam Shankland is the 2018 US Champion, 2016 Olympiad gold medal winner for teams and 2014 individual gold medal winner. He has played Board 1 for the US in the World Team Championship and competed with the best players in the world in Wijk aan Zee, St. Louis, Prague and elsewhere.



004 Key to Symbols used
005 Foreword by GM Karsten Müller
007 Preface
011 Introduction
013 1) Lucena Position
023 2) One Pawn, Basic Knowledge
063 3) Vancura Defense
079 4) Vancura Transitions
095 5) Side Cut
103 6) Lone Doubled Pawns
113 7) Lone Connected Pawns
137 8) Lone Split Passed Pawns
159 9) Two Pawns Against One on the Same Side
177 10) Three Pawns Against Two on the Same Side
197 11) Four Pawns Against Three on the Same Side
235 12) Two Connected Passed Pawns Against One Outside Passed Pawn
251 13) Pawn on the Seventh Rank with Rook on the Eighth
271 14) Rook in Front of the Passed Pawn
295 15) Rook to the Side of the Passed Pawn
327 16) Rook Behind the Passed Pawn
347 17) Pawns on Both Sides with No Passed Pawns
359 18) Rook Against Pawn(s)
379 19) Pawnless Rook Endgames
405 20) The Bare Bones
445 Name Index

Om forfatteren Sam Shankland

Sam Shankland er en ung amerikansk stormester som har klatret opp mot verdenseliten. Han gjorde seg sterkt bemerket med individuell gullmedalje i sjakk-OL i Tromsø 2014 og bidro til at USA vant laggull i OL 2016. I 2015 og 2017 spilte han på førstebord for USA i VM for landslag.
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