Tournament Battle Plan

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Books on how to improve your results over the board have been written before but in these changing times when chess has propelled onto the public consciousness, an update is badly needed. Grandmaster Daniel Gormally uses his 25+ years of experience to take the readers through the fires of the tournament cauldron, while illustrating some of his battles with the best players in England.

Along the way he tackles how to approach online play, an increasingly important issue as this form of chess has increased in popularity. Do you need a coach ? Will streamers relly help you to improve ? And should you turn off your computer ? Gormally emphasizes the importance of independent analysis in enabling the player to make progress and explains how he himself suffered in his results due to an over-reliance in chess engines.

And then there is the nitty gritty of tournament play itself. Gormally grapples with subjects that aren't covered in normal tournament books, from what hotels you should choose, to what kind of diet you need to follow, while also concluding that he lacks the awesome physical fitness of the Norwegian chess god Magnus Carlsen.

It all culminates in an explosive Hastings diary, where the author uses his acerbic wit to pull apart the vagaries of preparing for international competition in an account that verges on comic-tragic.



013 Manual Introduction
017 Chapter 1: The thread
033 Chapter 2 An online journey
053 Chapter 3: Do you need a coach?
063 Chapter 4: Control
077 Chapter 5: The endgame engineers
093 Chapter 6: Calculation and the candidates
101 Chapter 7: Bad Chess Habits
117 Chapter 8: Hebden vs Arkell
123 Chapter 9: What Grandmasters do wrong and what you can learn from it
129 Chapter 10: Olympiad 2022
139 Chapter 11: Crushing opening fashion
149 Chapter 12: The torment in Torquay
171 Chapter 13: Snippets from the British
183 Chapter 14: The nightmare in Northumbria
207 Chapter 15: The Queen's gambler
215 Chapter 16: The Viewer
237 Chapter 17: The toughest situations in chess
261 Chapter 18: 2013
279 Chapter 19: Hotel chess, can't afford yer
291 Chapter 20: Titled Tuesday continued
301 Chapter 21: Hastings Diary
315 Chapter 22: King's Gambit Declined
333 Chapter 23: Summary and evals
343 Bonus Chapter: The good and the bad
349 ECO Index
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