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Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess Volume 2

Rare Ideas for White
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En bok som gir deg alternative varianter som hvit med 1 d4 og delvis 1 c4, pluss noe 1 b3. Forfatteren er en ukrainsk-født tyrkisk stormester som nå bor og arbeider med sjakk i USA.

De første kapitlene i boka handler relativt grundig om å spille klassisk dronninggambit med hvit og vente med trekket Sc3, deretter et kapittel om g3 mot slavisk, og tredje kapittel handler om alternative valg for hvit i katalansk, osv.

Fra forfatterens forord:

This work is a follow-up to my first book “Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess – Rare Ideas for Black” which was published in February 2019. This time, I am flipping the board and exploring offbeat opening ideas from White’s perspective. The structure of the book has remained basically the same as before, except that I merged Part III (Showing Ambitions) and Part IV (Early Surprises) into one combined chapter Ambitions & Surprises.

Part I explores sidelines in several mainstream openings. This is the most in-depth chapter of the book in terms of opening analysis. Part II presents two systems that are quite universal in nature and can be used against more than one opening. Part III gives a broad overview of a variety of aggressive lines taken from GM-level games.

As I stated in the previous book, I’m a big believer in the practical approach to chess. In order to win, you don’t need to find the best move in every position. It is neither possible nor necessary. To win a game, it is enough to be just a little bit better than your opponent. To make this happen, especially when facing a strong player, you must force your opponent to solve practical problems. You must get them into a position where the cost of a potential mistake is much higher than usual.

If there is no room for your opponent to make a mistake, then they are unlikely to make it. It is your job to give them plenty of opportunity to go wrong. As Mikhail Tal famously put it, “You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one.”

This book aims to expose you to a variety of opening ideas that can help you to achieve this goal. I hope you find reading it beneficial in your future endeavors at the chess board.

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