Understanding Chess Exchanges

Utgivelsesdato Januar 2024
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Have you ever wondered how chess grandmasters always seem to know which pieces need to be exchanged? Or how an attack is influenced by the number of pieces on the board? When should we keep the queens on, and when should we switch to an endgame?

Understanding Chess Exchanges shares expert insights into using exchanges as a strategic weapon. Your newfound knowledge will then be tested using exercises taken from elite modern practice. With a particular focus on Magnus Carlsen – the master of exchanges – this book reveals the principles behind a vital part of chess strategy.

Chess mastery is the art of knowing when principles should be followed and when they must be broken. This book guarantees that you will not only become familiar with the typical guidelines, but also learn about their exceptions. Filled with tips, principles and practical advice, Understanding Chess Exchanges is an invaluable asset to a chess player’s arsenal!

GM Amir Bagheri is an experienced player and coach from Monaco, and was the second-ever Iranian to achieve the grandmaster title.

Mohammad Reza Salehzadeh is a FIDE Trainer and respected chess coach from Iran.



003 Preface
006 Key to Symbols used
007 Chapter One: Exchanges and Piece Activity
071 Chapter Two: Exchanges and Space
123 Chapter Three: Exchanges and Attack
173 Chapter Four: Exchanges and Lasting Advantages
263 Chapter Five: Exchanges and Initiative
346 Name Index
349 Game Index
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