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1001 Chess Endgame Exercises for Beginners

Utgivelsesdato November 2022
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En bra bok spekket av godt gjennomarbeide taktiske oppgaver med overkommelig vanskelighetsgrad for begynnere og spillere opp til rating ca 1200. Stillingene har stort sett ganske få brikker, men er sjelden helt typiske sluttspill.

En aktuell bok ikke minst for sjakkinstruktører som ønsker flere ganske lette eksempler til undervisningen, typisk mange stillinger med matt eller materiellgevinst i to og tre trekk.

Forlagets egen omtale:

The best place to start your tactics training is in the endgame! Chess is 99% tactics – and if you want to win more games, nothing works better than training tactics. Win a piece or find a mate. That will get you results.

Since most of the pieces have left the board, endgame tactics have the clarity that enables you to grasp all basics concepts quickly and comprehensively. In the endgame, you can focus on what is important without any distractions by a couple of random pawns and pieces.

In 1001 Chess Endgame Exercises for Beginners, IM Thomas Willemze does two things at once. He explains all the basic concepts, and provides you with a huge amount of exercises for each theme and each chess piece. Willemze uses all his experience as a coach, and his familiarity with the famous Step Method, to carefully build up your chess knowledge step-by-step. He shows you the strength of all pieces, from the lonely pawn to the almighty queen. And he guides you from the basics to more complex tactics in a highly instructive puzzle rush.

Thomas Willemze is an International Master from the Netherlands. He is an experienced trainer of amateur players of all levels and has been the National Youth Coach of the Dutch Chess Federation. New In Chess has published his books The Chess Toolbox and The Scandinavian for Club Players, both of which very well received by reviewers and customers alike.


007 Preface

009 Part I Basic tactical patterns

010 Chapter 1 Mate in one move

067 Test 1

070 Chapter 2 Win a piece in two moves

123 Test 2

129 Part II The preparatory move

130 Chapter 3 Mate in two moves

173 Test 3

180 Chapter 4 Win a piece in three moves

216 Test 4

225 Part III Defend

226 Chapter 5 Defend your king

239 Test 5

250 Chapter 6 Defend your pieces

261 Final Test

275 Part IV Chess Endgame Exercises for Club Players

278 Solutions

312 Bibliography

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