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Attacking the flexible Sicilian

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Utgivelsesdato Februar 2017
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En seriøs repertoarbok for hvit mot 1 e4 c5 2 Sf3 e6 3 d4 cxd4 4 Sxd4 Sc6 (Taimanov), 4...a6 (Kan) eller 4...Sf6 (Scheveningen). Forfatterne stormester Kotronias og IM Semkov er to spesialister.

Fra forordet til Kotronias

This book aims to give you a full repertoire against open Sicilians with 2...e6. Although I wrote it in first person, it is a joint effort by me – with a solid experience with both colours, and Semko Semkov, who is a life-long supporter of the Black’s cause and co-author of the best-selling The Most Flexible Sicilian.

It proved to be a herculean task because of the fluid centre and the
many transpositional possibilities. At times we thought we had reached an impasse, trying to crush those ultra solid structures, but then a dim light appeared. This dim light often led us to new ways and the bulk of the book is based on original analysis.

In all honesty, we do not want to claim that such a beast of an opening like the ...e7-e6 Sicilian can be refuted. We just relied on our own chess instincts and powerful computers to reassess latest tournament praxis and anticipate as much as possible future developments.

The underlying logic of this work is simple: Attack when you can, squeeze when you cannot! We chose the modern set-up with Bc1-e3 and Qd1-f3 in the Taimanov, as the English Attack has run out of steam (Aleksander Delchev and Semko himself played a great role in this with their previous works). It is strategically very rich, as it combines ideas ranging from aggressive pawn storms to endings that might arise after the manoeuvre Qf3-g3.

Contrary to what most people think, Sicilian endings are not always better for Black! The dark-squared complex on the queenside becomes weak without queens, and White’s
king is close to the battlefield.

Of course, Black does not have to oblige and he could keep the queens, but only at the cost of concessions. Commonly he will need to compromise his kingside in order to repel
our queen from g3 by ...h5-h4.

The Kan is even more flexible than the Taimanov, and we decided on a complicated positional-attacking treatment built around 5.c4. It bears the seal of approval of World Champions Carlsen and Anand.
White tries to grasp complete control of the centre in this line, hoping to see a Hedgehog formation.

Forlagets egen omtale

This book presents a full repertoire against open Sicilians with 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6. It advocates the modern set-up with Bc1-e3 and Qd1-f3 against the Taimanov, an innovative treatment of the Keres Attack, 5.c4 against the Kan. The authors develop many new plans for White, relying on their chess instincts and original analysis.

GM Vassilios Kotronias is ten-time champion of Greece and a famous theoretician. His peak rating so far was 2628 in 2008.

Semko Semkov played for Bulgaria in one Olympiad. He is a chess journalist and theoretician. He has authored The Most Flexible Sicilian, Kill K.I.D., Attacking the English/Reti, and other books.

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