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Candidates Tournament 2020 Part 1 Yekaterinburg

A Feast of Chess in a Time of Plague
Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato September 2020
Pris 300 NOK
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Alt om første halvdel av Kandidatturneringen 2020. Noe så sjeldent som en moderne turneringsbok med ypperlige kommentarer til alle de spilte partiene, av stormester og stortrener Vladimir Tukmakov.

Fra forfatterens innledning

The balanced flow of the normal chess calendar was unexpectedly interrupted by a frightening occurrence. Seemingly harmless at first, the coronavirus pandemic overtook more and newer countries by the day and gradually became pretty much the main, and only determining factor in life. The Candidates Tournament was threatened as well. Whether it would be held at all was pretty much in doubt until the very last few minutes. Even the grandmasters, who had already gathered in Ekaterinburg, had reason to doubt that they would have a chance to sit at the boards. In the end, having indeed commenced, the tournament planted in me a vague notion of writing a book about it.
Vladimir Tukmakov

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Språk Engelsk
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