Chess Opening Origins: Ruy Lopez, Book II

Specialty Lines after 3...a6
Utgivelsesdato Februar 2024
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Today's openings are reruns of an old sitcom that we have all seen a hundred times before, while for players in the past, life on the chess board was wild, unexplored territory. Learning the details of that gigantic entity, the Ruy Lopez (from either side), is on par with the time that hateful 7th-grade teacher made us memorize the capital cities of every country in the world--in alphabetical order!

The Origins series is an attempt at a "big picture" view that displays the interlocking parts of a much larger mechanism in time.

In this volume, the authors cover specialty lines either side deviates before heading into the Closed System Main Lines, for instance, The Exchange Variation, The Worrall Attack, The Open Ruy Lopez, The Møller, The Arkhangelsk, and many more.


003 Introduction
005 Chapter 1: The Exchange Variation
027 Chapter 2: Steinitz Deferred Variations
051 Chapter 3: Arkhangelsk 5...Bb7, Modern Arkhangelsk 6...Bc5 and Moller Defense 5...Bc5
088 Chapter 4: Delayed Schliemann
096 Chapter 5: Norwegian Defense
103 Chapter 6: 5.Qe2, 6.Qe2, Worrall Attack and 5.d4, Mackenzie Variations
118 Chapter 7: Open Variation
145 Chapter 8: Unusual White 6th moves
165 Index of Games
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