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Chess Progress: from beginner to winner

Utgivelsesdato August 2014
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En nybegynnerbok på engelsk, praktisk med mange øvingsoppgaver og ganske forsiktig, langsom progresjon gjennom stoffet.



003About the Author
011How to use this book
0131. Beginning with the Basics
014 The Board: Know Your Battlefield
029 The Pieces: Know Your Army
050 Ending the Game
075 Chess Notation
0892. The Fundamental Elements of Chess Strategy
090 Fundamental Elements of Chess
105 Opposition
114 Critical Squares and the Square of the Pawn
124 Pawn Structure
133 Weak Squares, Holes, and Outposts
143 Open and Closed Positions
1593. Applying the Elements of Chess Strategy
160 Principles of Exchanging Material
174 Fundamental Defence
184 Fundamental Tactics
233 Fundamentals of Openings
2554. The Rules of Chess
256 The Basics
258 Clocks and Time Controls
261 Personal Conduct
263 Tournaments
2685. Over the Board
269 Analysing a Position & Forming a Plan
277 Choosing and Making a Move
279 Using the Clock
281 Move by Move
284 Maintaining Presence
289 After the Game is Over...
293 Conclusion
295 A: Continuing Study
296 B: Benjamin Franklin’s On the Morals of Chess
298 C: Fundamental Principles of Chess
308 D: Notation Tip-Sheet and Order of Operations
309Answers to Exercises
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