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Chess Tactics, Daily Chess Training vol. 2

Sharpen your tactical ability daily on your way to mastery
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Carsten Hansens opus nummer 2 med mange instruktive og ganske krevende kombinasjoner spilt i 2018 og mest i 2019. Sterk trening for spillere med ratingstyrke fra cirka 14-1500 og helt opp! Grundige kommentarer til løsningene høyner verdien av boka ytterligere.

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Are you ready to seriously improve your game? It has been said that chess is 99% tactics but whether that is an accurate reflection is hard to tell. Nevertheless, it is important. But if you are like most players, you only discover the tactics after you come home and run through your game with a chess engine. So what to do? In the present book, you will be challenged 404 times.

Unlike most tactics puzzle books you don't know what your objective is: do I need to find a mate, find an opportunity skewer or pin a piece, use a tactical turn to gain a positional advantage and how far do I need to calculate?

These questions are you are faced with when you play your own games and therefore this book tries to replicate this position. Your one advantage over the players in the respective positions is that you know that there is supposed to be something in there for you to find.

The puzzles vary a lot in difficulty, some are relatively easy, some are incredibly difficult, but most are somewhere in between. However, most of the puzzles are layered so that even when you think the answer is obvious, it is worth looking further because your idea may be the decoy left there for you to get distracted from the actual solution.

Working through the puzzles and then carefully play through the thoroughly annotated solutions will help you to up your tactical radar as well as your calculation skills. So if you are up for the challenge, here is the opportunity to take the leap forward. Good luck!

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