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ChessBase Magazine #119

Nivå C-D
Utgivelsesdato August 2007
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Blant mye stoff i dette nyeste ChessBase Magazine nevner vi 12 åpningsartikler, samt partikommentarer av Carlsen, Karjakin, Gelfand og van Wely, videoer om og med Kramnik, van Wely, Karsten Müller og Daniel King, samt de vanlige nyttige treningsspaltene, se nedenfor. Produktet ligger på en DVD, men presenteres som alltid også i et trykt hefte på 24 sider.


  • Introduction by Karsten Müller "Highlights" (12m video)
  • Top Tournaments
    • Dortmund: Kramnik wins for the eighth time
    • Elista: Four places for the WCh in Mexico
    • Foros: The duel between Ivanchuk and Karjakin
  • World Class Players Annotate
    • Kramnik speaks about Dortmund, Mexico and much more (video)
    • Van Wely and his tricky victory in Baku (video)
    • Carlsen analyses his win over Aronian
  • Gelfand demonstrates an interesting drawn game from Elista
    • Van Wely with the best attacking game from Foros
    • Karjakin analysis his brilliancy from Foros
  • Openings
    • Hazai/Lukacs: King's Indian with 6 Bg4
    • Rainer Knaak: A repertoire for White against the Fajarowicz (A51)
    • Mihail Marin: The early advance of the e-pawn (B08)
    • Laszlo Hazai/Peter Lukacs: Real chaos (B12)
    • Jozsef Horvath: Nimzowitsch Variation, Part 2 (B29)
    • Viktor Moskalenko : MacCutcheon a legendary pin (C12)
    • Igor Stohl: Another rare line in the Winawer (C18)
    • Dorian Rogozenko: The most popular variation against the Chebanenko (D15)
    • Efstratios Grivas: An easy repertoire against the Tarrasch (D34)
    • Evgeny Postny: Ragozin Defence: the modern treatment (D38)
    • Dorian Rogozenko: Cambridge Springs for Black, Part 2 (D52)
    • Michael Krasenkov: A simple reaction to 5. Bd2 (D85)
    • Hazai/Lukacs: Probably better than its reputation (E91)
  • Daniel King: Move by Move

    In Daniel King's column, from a certain point in the game, every move for one side is given with a training question. All plausible answers are taken into account and provided with points or feedback. For CBM 119, King has selected the game Wirig-Sikula, Metz 2007, a carefully chosen game and almost all moves will have training questions and feedback.

  • Other Columns on the DVD:

    • Oliver Reeh: Tactics! The material for his tactical database is drawn from the European Championships in Dresden. In addition, Reeh has once more made a recording describing his favorite combination in ChessMedia format (video)
    • Valery Beim: Chess Classic. The renowned author of chess books Valery Beim (e.g., Recipes from the Grandmaster's Kitchen and Paul Morphy: A Modern Perspective) has brought together and analyzed both well- and little-known positions from the career of Mikhail Tal.
    • Peter Wells: Strategy. The strategy column by Peter Wells contains the second part of an article Bishops in Competition: The Fight for Key Diagonals.
    • Karsten Mueller: Endgames. From the first text in Karsten Mller's endgame column, you can access six endgame videos in ChessMediaformat (in German). The second text is devoted to the theme "Exchanging correctly". It too has a video introduction. Then come 24 games, including the solutions to the endgame positions on page 22.
    • ICCF: Telechess. The two Argentinian correspondence chess GMs, Alvarez and Morgado, have put together a database which contains six texts with news and over 7,000 games, about 30 of them with annotations.
    • Rainer Knaak: Opening Traps. This column is designed to complement the software 1000 Opening Traps. New or as yet undiscovered traps are presented in it; this time a trap from the Scotch Opening (video)
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