Conceptual Rook Endgames

Utgivelsesdato Oktober 2023
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Rook endgames are the most frequently recurring endgames and also one of the most exciting areas of chess, with mind bending tactical opportunities and dizzying nuances available. They have unsurprisingly been a big topic in endgame literature, with a heavy focus on the set theoretical positions and their logic and fixed conclusions (see the excellent Theoretical Rook Endgames by GM Sam Shankland, published as a sister volume to this book as the peak example of this).

Conceptual Rook Endgames goes in a different direction. Focused on two dozen major concepts, the book explains the mechanisms of rook endgames in a novel way, by building foundations with simple examples, which can be seen in the most complicated examples as well. Rook endgames will remain rich and surprising, as they are for the greats, but armed with this book, your comprehension of them will skyrocket.

Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard is the most talented chess writer of his generation. He won the British Championship in 2007, but is mostly known for his multi-award winning books and his work with students that have won club, country, state, national, continental and world championships, as well as Olympiad golds (board and overall), the World Cup and Candidates tournament.



004 Foreword by Karsten Müller
006 Preface
008 Introduction
027 1) Activate the Rook First
039 2) The Rook belongs behind the Passed Pawn
059 3) Shouldering
079 4) Rook vs Pawns
103 5) Passed Pawns
115 6) Promoting Passed Pawns
131 7) The Umbrella
135 8) Breakthrough
143 9) Check the Checks!
163 10) Checking Distance
171 11) Defence from the Front
175 12) Cutting off the King
189 13) The King’s Role
207 14) King Activity
217 15) Checkmate
229 16) Stalemate
239 17) Zugzwang
249 18) Mutual Zugzwang
263 19) Tempo Wars
273 20) Anticipation
293 21) Connected Passed Pawns
315 22) Active or Passive Defence
333 23) Slow Play
345 24) Lost Items
359 25) Unbelievable
407 Epilogue – Concepts to Live by
410 Name Index
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